IDAPT Unveils IDAPT i2+ Universal Charger at CES

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I was supposed to be getting an iDapt for review actually, but never got one, now a new version is out, maybe I’ll get that one.  It won’t be available until spring though so we’ll see I guess or maybe I’ll get it early!  I like universal chargers, at least the idea of them anyway, I really haven’t found one that actually and truly like and will use yet.

IDAPT, a leading mobile technology leader, is excited to announce the new IDAPT i2+ universal charger. The new charger allows users to charge up to 3 different mobile devices simultaneously while eliminating cord clutter.
The IDAPT i2+ has 2 charging ports and a bonus USB charging port to meet all charging needs. As with previous IDAPT chargers, the new i2+ features IDAPT’s unique interchangeable tip system allowing the unit to be compatible with over 4,000 different devices including iPad and iPhone as well as BlackBerry, Nintendo PSP, XBOX controllers, GPS systems and Bluetooth products.  Additionally, the “quick release” button allows for safe and easy ejection of the interchangeable tips.

idapt1 idapt2

The IDAPT i2+ will be available in an assortment of fun colors Spring 2011. 

About IDAPT:
IDAPT is a company specialized in the design of solutions that simplify everyday lives of mobile technology users. Its innovative range of universal chargers, based on a patented system of interchangeable tips, has achieved worldwide recognition among users and industry experts. Innovation and commitment to develop new products that suit user’s needs are the company’s main commitments since its foundation in 2006. With headquarters in Barcelona, IDAPT has distribution agreements in more than 30



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