Mad Catz Ships Licensed Rock Band Wireless Fender Telecaster Player’s Edition for Xbox 360

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.  a leading worldwide third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, today announced the shipping of the Rock Band Wireless Fender Telecaster ‘Player’s Edition’ guitar for use with the Microsoft® Xbox 360® videogame console.

Compatible with Rock Band™, Rock Band™ 2, The Beatles™: Rock Band™ game, and other music and rhythm games, the
Rock Band Wireless Fender Telecaster arrives sporting fast action ‘Shredderz’ Fret Keys, touch-activated Overdrive and a custom ‘Road Worn’ body decal, delivering an authentic distressed appearance which is available in both ‘Sunburst’ and ‘Butterscotch’ designs.

Based upon the legendary Telecaster design, the new guitar controller features a range of unique features designed to enhance game play and maximize the scoring potential for all Rock Band enthusiasts.

Fast action ‘Shredderz’ Fret buttons are exclusive to the Telecaster and deliver precise control, instantly reacting to the players’ commands while returning quickly to their original positions, ideal for complex solos.  Overdrive operation has never been simpler with the Telecaster offering players no less than four alternatives to activating the in game feature.  Players can kick into Overdrive by pressing the ‘Back’ Tuning Button on the guitar, tilting the guitar, stomping down on the Electro-Harmonix™ Overdrive Pedal (sold separately) or via the all new touch-sensitive Telecaster pick-up which, located next to the Strum Bar is simple to operate even under the most stressful of performances.  The new Bigsby® Whammy Tailpiece delivers tensioned ‘Whammy’ operation, allowing gamers to bend notes in style and the Telecaster Strum Bar has been carefully designed to appeal to the true Rock Band player with a tight throw and responsive feedback enhanced by the single cherry-switch design which provides an audible click each time the Strum Bar is plucked.   

Utilizing the same secure wireless technology featured in the official wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, the Wireless Fender Telecaster connects directly to the Xbox 360 with no need for an external dongle or adaptor, and includes three AA batteries and official Fender guitar strap.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “The Wireless Fender Telecaster brings innovation to the guitar controller category and we anticipate that it will be well received by guitar and Rock Band enthusiasts.  The Telecaster joins our recently announced PS3™ Wireless Fender Bass guitar and our flagship Wireless Wooden Stratocaster™ for Xbox 360.”

The Rock Band Wireless Fender Telecaster guitar controller for Xbox 360 is available at Mad Catz’ online Rock Band Store ( and shipping now across North America retailing for an MSRP of $109.99.