Mili Power Prince Charger Can Charge All of Your Devices

I’m not big on portable chargers as it seems they never include the tips you actually need to do the job. The Power Prince from Mili comes with 8 different tips which can charge most USB & traditional electronic devices. MiLi Power further offers a Tip Fit Guaranty program that ensures any two free tips for life. The Power Prince has a 5,000 mAh lithium polymer battery, Which give you approximately 42 hours of talk time, 33 hours of Internet usage, 113 hours of audio playback, or 37.5 hours of video. It has a dual output design to charge devices from 5v to 9-12v. At 5v, it can produce 2.1A to charge iPad. At 9-12v, the 1.5A can charge big range of electronic gadgets. It comes with a 9v, 2A charger and takes 3 hours to charge itself.



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