New ZEM Headphones Deliver Pure Sound Exactly as Recorded

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Hmm, I’ve never heard of Sensgard before, but they’ve just introduced the Zem headphones that supposedly offering crisp clear sound with noise cancelling for under $100. They don’t use an kind of electronics to accomplish the noise cancelling either making for better sound quality, at least that’s what they claim..

Revolutionary new ZEM headphones use just a simple amplifier to produce pure sound in the earpieces, unchanged by electronics. They simultaneously cancel background noise using patented technology invented at Syracuse University by renowned acoustic researcher Dr. Jozef Zwislocki.

The result is pure, unaltered sound that feels as if you’re in the recording studio. The absence of complex electronics also lowers cost and produces a headset weight of just two ounces. The compact unit can be folded to fit easily in a shirt pocket or ZEM case. No batteries are needed.

"Professional studio musicians who have tried ZEM headphones for recording sessions have ordered more of them," said Gregory Post, President of SensGard LLC, the manufacturer. "ZEM headsets eliminate distorting electronic effects, leaving only the true sound created by musicians or speakers."

The physics-based sound filter invented by Dr. Zwislocki reduces noise at both low- and high-frequency ranges, lowering noise levels by up to 37 decibels.

The only electronics in the headphones are two miniature electro-magnetic receivers that convert electrical signals into sound. They are, in effect, tiny electro-mechanical amplifiers. The 3.5 mm plug on the electrical cord is compatible with MP3 players, CD players, cell phones, iPods, laptops, satellite radio and home computers.

The headset fits comfortably into the outer ear and stays in place even while exercising or moving about. The headphones are so comfortable it is easy to forget they are on. The headband that connects the two earpieces adjusts easily for fit.

Prices of some typical premium headphones start at $349.00. ZEM headphones are available at $90.00. All ZEM products are made in the USA.

Photos and more information about new ZEM headphones can be found by visiting


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