NIWA IN12: Nixie Tube Clock and Smartphone Charging Dock Surpasses KickStarter Funding

I have to admit this is actually cool looking, I wouldn’t mind having one of these on my desk or shelf. The Nixie tube clock is just that, it uses tubes like old fashioned radios did, well most everything did, but the this Nixie tube clock is a charging station for your phone so you get that old fashioned feel with today’s usability to charge your phone. The KickStarter for it has already surpassed it’s goal and there is still five days left so you can still get in on it.

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NIWA IN12: Nixie Tube Clock and Smartphone Charging Dock

Used extensively in former East Germany in the mid 20th Century as numeric displays, Nixie tubes have been making a comeback with the help of product designers. They glow with a lovely neon color and have gorgeous stylized numbers– something you can’t get LED or LCD display. A pair of friends travelled to Eastern Europe in search of a vast amount of Nixie tubes and came back loaded with Nixie tubes to design the world’s first Nixie tube smartphone charging dock.

IN12 Nixie clock product specification.

· 6 nixie tubes display: hours, minutes and seconds and Date

· Alarm clock

· Charging dock compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Android smartphones

· LED lighting for background lighting with different brightness and RGB remote control

The team launched a Kickstarter campaign and is already 80% funded. NIWA has two models: IN14 tubes clock and IN12 tubes clock with dock. These clocks are custom made so that any dock station can be fitted to IN12 Nixie clock case.