OCZ Technology Introduces the Enyo USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD)

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OCZ is at it again, this time with an SSD based USB drive called the Enyo.  It’s a USB 3.0 enabled drive, so you’ll be able to achieve some very nice speeds. It’s going to be available in capacities from 64gb up to 256gb, no price but I can’t imagine it being inexpensive.. OCZ claims read speeds up to 260MB/s and write speeds up to 200MB/s, that’s not too shabby at all..


"We are continually searching for new ways to make the benefits of solid state storage available to consumers, and our new Enyo SSD is designed to make those benefits portable," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group. "The Enyo is a sleek external SSD that makes use of the increasingly popular SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface to make transferring anything from spreadsheets to high definition movies significantly faster than traditional media. Consumers never have to leave home without their valuable files again."





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