Onix International Launches EncryptStick for Mac


Here’s one for you Mac owners out there… Onix has just released the EncryptStick for Mac. It actually supports both Windows and Mac systems that can come on a pre-loaded USB drive or as stand alone software that can just be put on any flash drive you’ve got on hand. The EncryptStick acts like a digital safe to help secure your documents, photos, passwords or anything really. How it works basically is that the user created an unlimited number of invisible, encrypted ‘vaults’ on the USB drive. It also works with servers, portable hard drive and even CDs, DVDs, and memory cards.

Onix International Inc., distributors of the world’s most effective portable data protection software, today announced the launch of EncryptStick(TM) Version 4.1 with dual support for Macintosh and Windows operating systems. EncryptStick is available on a pre-loaded USB flash drive or as standalone software that can be downloaded onto any USB flash drive, acting as a highly-secure data vault to store and secure sensitive information.

The most advanced portable security application available on the market today, EncryptStick acts as a digital safe to secure all the sensitive documents, cherished photos, irreplaceable videos and passwords stored on your computer. EncryptStick lets users create an unlimited number of invisible, encrypted vaults (folders containing sensitive files) on the flash drive itself, on any computer or removable device such as servers or portable hard-drives, as well as writeable media such as CDs, DVDs or SD memory cards.

“While PC owners have traditionally been the most common targets for hackers and thieves, Macintosh security experts recently warned that exploits in the OSX operating system suggest that Macs are now just as vulnerable to malware and viruses and simple computer theft,” said Tyrone Phipps, CEO of Onix International. “We’re very pleased to deliver EncryptStick Version 4.1 to provide Mac owners with the same level of comprehensive security offered to our PC customers.”

EncryptStick is unique among USB data security offerings in that it uses 512-bit polymorphic encryption, a variable algorithm resistant to all known cryptanalytic attacks, which to this date remains unbroken with over 4 million downloads.

Once the user plugs the EncryptStick-enabled flash drive into their computer’s USB port, the software will run automatically and prompt them for their personal password. Once entered, the user can open existing vaults, create new vaults and easily encrypt or decrypt any file by right-clicking and selecting from a drop down menu, or simply dragging and dropping the files into the vault folders. EncryptStick also enables “encryption on the fly” with the ability to edit documents within vaults while the files are encrypted. All of this takes place without ever leaving a footprint on the host PC or Mac.

In the event of a lost flash drive, the EncryptStick application renders the files impenetrable and provides an immediate Key Recovery function from the www.encrypt-stick.com website. With your original files saved on another computer and an encrypted copy on your EncryptStick USB flash drive, you can leave your laptop at work and simply plug the EncryptStick-enabled flash drive into your home computer to gain access to all your remote files and passwords.

Pricing and Availability:

The preloaded 4GB EncryptStick Flash Drive can be ordered today for $119.99 USD at www.onixinternational.com with support for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OSX version 10.4 and higher.

A downloadable version of the software is available for $39.99 USD that can be loaded onto any serial numbered USB flash drive to provide the same features and functionality. For more details or global distribution enquiries, please visit Onix International at www.onixinternational.com.


Onix International is the global marketer and distributor of EncryptStick, the world’s most powerful portable data encryption solution. Additional information is available online at www.onixinternational.com.


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