zoomIt accessory allows real-time use and sharing of content via SD Card


Here’s one for you iPhone/iPod Touch users out there… The zoomit is an accessory that attached to your iPhone or iPod and enables users to access and share content from their Mac/PC and other devices like netbooks, cameras etc. It’s going to be available come April for $59.95.

Macworld 2010 — zoomMediaPlus today announced zoomIt, an application-enabled accessory giving Apple users unprecedented access to content for their iPhone and iPod touch. The zoomIt accessory and associated application allows users to access and share content from their Mac/PC or CE devices (cameras, netbooks, etc.) with their iPhone and iPod touch. Users no longer need to sync devices to move content, a significant convenience for mobile users.

zoomIt shifts the primary point of content management and sharing from the MAC/PC to the iPhone/iPod touch. A compact portable accessory that connects to an iPhone or iPod touch via the bottom connector of these devices, zoomIt reads and shares content from an SD card of any type/density when inserted in to the card slot of the zoomIt. Supporting all iPhone SDK 3.0 (or higher) file types including photos, music, videos, and documents (.PPT, .XLS, .DOC, .PDF, etc.), zoomIt lets users view, listen, transfer and share content via email, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

The zoomIt accessory is compatible with all generations and memory configurations of both the iPhone and iPod touch, representing more than 75 million devices, according to Apple. In the future the zoomIt application will also support, among other things, protected content types enabling streaming of licensed music, videos, and other forms of protected content.

Once the zoomIt accessory is connected for the first time, users will be prompted to start the automatic download and installation of the zoomIt application from the Apple Applications store, which will be done over the 3G/EDGE/Wi-Fi connections. Alternatively, the zoomIt application can be downloaded to iTunes and synched to the iPhone or iPod touch when connected to a PC or MAC. With the accessory connected and the SD card inserted the user can view and stream/play photos, music, files, and more directly from the SD card.

zoomIt Pricing and Availability

ZoomIt will be available for shipment in April 2010 at a retail price of $59.95. The zoomIt application software (named “zoomIt”) is available on the Apple App Store under Utilities and is free. Pre-orders are being taken now at www.zoomitonline.com and, for a limited time, a $10 discount is applied at check-out.

Web Site: http://www.zoomitonline.com/