Ozone Gaming Launching Oxygen In-Ear Gaming Headset

In-Ear headsets are my favorite type really, over the ear aren’t bad but I don’t particularly care for my ears being covered like that and I’ve come to find that the in-ear type usually keep out more of noise from outside. Oxygen gaming has just announced it’s launching the Oxygen in-ear gaming headset that features an in-line push to talk microphone. They have an MSRP of 29.90 euros and they can work with pretty much anything besides computers.

Oxygen Diecut_V3_Rast Compo_View

The European company keeps growing in his range of products, in this case, is a gaming In-ear headset call Oxygen; the firs In-ear headset from Ozone Gaming will be available in stores worldwide from May. Msrp: 29.90€

Dual role

Size matters, it´s true, but in Ozone Gaming they have managed to pack an incredible amount of sound into this small Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset. This amazing headset has a genuine ability to fulfil a dual role in your life. Not only created to enjoy hardcore E-Sports game session but also to be used in real sports.

Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset not just provide the best sound experience but comfort and quality in the inner ridge of your ear. Fit every gamer because is lightweight, fashionable… and fresh! Gamers really can forget about sweating ears in long gaming sessions.

Perfect fit in any ear. As soon as users wear the new Oxygen Stereo Headset they will forget that they are using In-ear Headset thanks to its clever ergonomics designs. The Oxygen Headset are provided with two pairs of spare ear pads to be sure that It stays in place no matter what you do wearing them.

Protection case and premium Stereo Sound

Oxygen is a high quality stereo In-ear Headset. The human ear hears sounds in stereo, and the brain uses the subtle differences in sounds entering the left and right ears to locate sounds. The Oxygen´s high technology really helps your brain to get every single detail of the game, music, films…etc. The secure protection case is really useful to get the new Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset away from scuffs and scratches while still preserving all the device’s functions. Go to lanpartys, go to play soccer, go wherever… Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset are always in a safe place.

Gamers can also use the new Oxygen headset in many electronic devices thanks to the extension adapters that you will find in the Oxygen headset. One of those used to be Smarphones so users will be find very useful the push-to-talk (PTT) function microphone. Only it´s needed to push to answer incoming calls while your Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset is connected to the movil phone.

More Info: www.ozonegaming.com