Enermax Announces Coenus Mid-Tower PC Chassis

Enermax has just announced the Coenus mid-tower chassis aimed at gaming enthusiasts. The case features removable and configurable hard drive brackets that allow the fit of the largest video cards out there. The case can fit both 3.5” and 2.5” drives easily and you can fit up to seven of them. The case also supports up to six fans for excellent cooling ability. MSRP is $69.99 and that’s pretty good for a decent case.


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Introducing the new line of computer cases geared toward the gaming elitists to computer building enthusiasts. Developing on its strengths and features, Enermax has proudly released the COENUSseries of chassis.

The COENUS features a three-dimensional black iron mesh for optimal cooling and an overall visceral aesthetic. The fully shielded grill meshing on the entire body also allows for unparalleled superior ventilation.

The COENUS features 30mm of clearance for simple backside cable routing and management.  On its side, boasts a dashing full-cover acrylic side panel; one of the iconic features from Enermax where the builder can display their customized interior and components. This design, also with a widenedside-expansion, allows the installation of high-end tower type components.

The dual internal USB 3.0 ports will keep you up to speed with the ability of SuperSpeed transfer rate, and the internal 19-pin and USB 2.0 headers will help you maintain maximum compatibility and expandability.

By supporting eight 3.5" or 2.5” +1 expansion slots, the COENUS case has got terrific potential for expansion compared to other chassis‘ of the same class. With this setup, there can be up to 3 dual slot VGA cards installed for the ultimate gaming rig. The Flexible HDD configuration allows customized system builds such as:

– 7 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket in 3.5” position

– 4 x 2.5” + 3 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket in 2.5” position

– 3 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket being removed for maximized VGA card cooling.

To maximize the cooling performance, the Enermax COENUS can be installed with a maximum of up to 6 fans. Dual 12cm fan slots can be installed in the front for expanded airflow and the case supports ENERMAX’s UCTA18A/UCTVQ18A x 1 on the top. Also a new cut-out design allows quick access for CPU-cooler maintenance. Bottom-mounted PSU slot, rubber pads, and a removable dust filter, all facilitate in keeping the power supply clean and well-maintained. Lastly, the new Enermax patented SlideIn™ locker gives you an unbelievably effortless and tool-free ODD installation.

COENUS ECA3290A-G available now, MSRP $69.99

Product page: http://www.ecomastertek.com/case_eca3290a-g.php