PopCap Launches Plants vs. Zombies for Nintendo DS

So I haven’t had internet most of the day, actually it’s been spotty since late last week. I have it now, sort of, at least my main computer does right now with a direct connection, my router is dead so no wireless, no nothing on my network actually. Verizon though hooked me up I think, at least they said they were overnighting a new one to me to be here tomorrow, we’ll see. Anyway today Plants vs Zombies for the Nintendo DS came out, took m be surprise actually, I must have missed the release date. I went to Gamestop to get it and they don’t have it in stock for people that want to buy it, they only have stock for those that reserved it. How does that make any good business sense, people who walk in and want to buy it are going to be turned away because they have none on launch day. They’re like the biggest game retailer out there and they don’t have games on launch day. This isn’t the first time this happened to me either, it’s happened many times in fact, went in on launch day and no games to buy only games for those that reserve them. Whatever…


PopCap Games, the worldwide leader in casual video games, today announced the widely anticipated North American release of Plants vs. Zombies™ for the Nintendo DS®.  Expertly adapted in the PopCap tradition, the game features all of the engaging gameplay included in the PC edition — Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes — while adding multiplayer action, plus four all-new, exclusive mini-games and 14 achievements.  Available immediately in North America, the game carries an SRP of US$19.95. Plants vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS will also be available in international markets in the coming weeks.

In the next several weeks, PopCap will also launch a DSiWare version of Plants vs. Zombies.  The title will contain Adventure mode gameplay, all four of the new mini-games from the DS adaptation and one DSiWare exclusive mini-game, Zombie Trap.

"Plants vs. Zombies is already a fan favorite on PC, iPhone, iPad, and Xbox, and with this latest incarnation, we’re bringing something special to DS enthusiasts that’ll keep players equally enthralled," said Ed Allard, head of worldwide studios at PopCap.  "Four modes of dual-screen play, multiplayer action, four all-new mini-games, and 14 achievements offer a great combination of original gameplay and unique features that makes the backyard battle for brains fresh and fun." 

Plants vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS has been tuned specifically for dual-screen gameplay and features multiplayer action via an ad-hoc wireless network in the game’s Versus mode, where players can go head-to-head against one another as sunflowers, or zombies. Along with this, and all three modes of original content, the game introduces unique non-stop action:

Four All-New and Exclusive Mini-Games

  • Air Raid: As a pilot flying repeater, players have to dodge, weave and shoot their way to victory in this side-scrolling shooter-style mini-game
  • Home Run Derby:  In a wacky marriage of zombies and baseball, players hit home runs to score sun.  But they’ll have to watch out for the oncoming, sporty hordes of some all-new zombies.
  • Heat Wave:  It’s a real scorcher!  Players have only a few plants and they tire out quickly.  Swap them around with the stylus and cheer them up with the microphone!
  • BOMB All Together:  Players will blast zombies into the hereafter, but they’ll have to use their plants wisely; there’s a limited supply.

14 New Achievements

  • Resolute Homeowner – Complete Adventure Mode
  • Attention Deficit – Earn a trophy in each mini-game
  • Think Hard – Earn a trophy in each puzzle mode
  • Tough Beans – Earn a trophy in each survival mode
  • Shopping Spree – Spend $25000 in Crazy Dave’s store
  • Book Learner – Fill out the Almanac
  • Greenhouser – Raise 10 plants to full growth in the Zen Garden
  • Cerebral Canopy – Grow the tree of wisdom to 100 ft.
  • Demolitioneer – Blow up 10 zombies at once with a single cherry bomb
  • Photosensitive – Beat a night level without picking up any sun
  • Don’t Drink the Water – Beat a pool level without using any aquatic plants
  • Nebulaphile – Beat an extremely foggy level without disturbing any fog
  • Unsiege Mentality – Complete a roof level without using any catapult plants
  • Street Team – Play Download-Play at least once

Web Site: http://www.popcap.com