Sleek Audio Announces Their Upgraded CT6 Custom Wireless Earphones


hmmm, more expensive earbuds…but they look good.

The First Custom Tuned, Wireless Compatible Earphones That Utilize Kleer’s CD Quality Wireless Technology

PALMETTO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleek Audio, developer of the SA6 acoustically customizable earphone and recipient of Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” award in 2008 has announced the launch of their CT6 (custom tuned) custom earphones.

The CT6 is the culmination of combining loudspeaker technology with hearing aid science to create a hand-made, custom tuned, wireless compatible earphone that offers groundbreaking performance, comfort and ESC (Environmental Sound Control).

“Our engineers and product developers have made tens of thousands of custom hearing instruments, and the CT6 is designed to offer anyone from the most adamant audiophile or musician to the frequent flyer and music lover crystal clear sound quality and comfort,” said Mark Krywko, CEO of Sleek Audio. “We went beyond creating a hand-made earphone and inserting a speaker. We’ve improved upon our previous custom model with new designs and still custom tune each earphone for our customers. If they need a little more on the low end because they play the bass guitar or they want it completely neutral for ‘critical’ listening enjoyment, we can do that for them,” added Krywko.

The CT6, like its SA6 in-ear earphone counterpart, can go from wired to wireless and back again thanks to its removable, swivel cables. Using KLEER™ wireless technology the CT6’s offer unprecedented sound quality from a wired and wireless platform. It also offers ESC (Environmental Sound Control) eliminating up to 35db of external noise.

“By taking into account the uniqueness of not only the ear’s external shape, but more importantly its internal acoustics we can offer the same level of performance customers typically pay three times as much for,” added Krywko.

Additionally, customers have options on cable porting, color, earphone transparency and graphic designs.

More information on the Sleek Audio CT6 custom earphones and the process for obtaining ear impressions can be found at

About Sleek Audio

Sleek Audio is a personal audio company dedicated to creating “music in tune with you.” Developers of the first ever acoustically customizable earphones, Sleek Audio is driven from decades of experience in the custom hearing aid and audio industry. Sleek Audio products are designed for high-performance use with all MP3players including iPod® and Zune®. For more information, visit the company website at

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