Swann Launches Two New SwannEye IP Cameras with Pan and Tilt

Yes more new from Swann, I’m playing catch up today, posting some of the stuff I may have missed. I get all kinds of emails everyday, hundreds of them and things just slip through or I forget. So anyway, Swann has just announced two HD IP cameras that are app powered for ease of use with your Android or iOS devices and of course your PC. The cameras are high definition resolution at 1280×720 and they feature pan and tilt which is something I just love. There two of them, the SwannEye HD Pan and Tilt with an MSRP of $179.99 and the SwannEye HD Plug and Play with an MSRP of $129.99.


Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, announces upgrades to its line of network security cameras. The SwannEye HD™ Plug & Play (SWADS-455CAM) security camera is packed with features for 24/7 home and business security. The SwannEye HD™ Pan & Tilt (SWADS-445CAM) security camera is an easy-to-setup, HD remote viewing surveillance system with a powerful pan and tilt camera.

Both the Plug & Play and Pan & Tilt cameras record and save 720p HD video and 1280 x 720 HD pictures. Both cameras feature memory card slots (MicroSD for the Plug & Play and SD for the Pan & Tilt) so recordings can easily be transferred to computers or other devices. Additionally, images and video can be saved directly to your smartphone or tablet via the SwannEye HD™ app. For added control, the 350 degree horizontal and 100 degree vertical motion of the Pan & Tilt camera can be remotely controlled by your smartphone or tablet via the SwannEye HD™ app.

By downloading the free SwannEye HD™ app, smartphone and tablet users can stream live video or view recorded videos and photos via any iOS, PC or Android device. Providing users with the peace of mind that their home or business is safe, the SwannEye HD™ app also sends an e-mail notification when motion is detected by the cameras. Syncing the camera with your smartphone or tablet is made easy and network-free using a unique QR code that comes with each system.

For added nighttime picture and video quality, both cameras include on-board infrared LEDs. The Plug & Play has 12 light sensor-activated LED’s and the Pan & Tilt has eight. Both cameras include built-in microphones so you can hear every sound and conversation happening in real-time or during video playback. Additionally, the Pan & Tilt camera includes an audio input jack and speaker to communicate with intruders via your smartphone or tablet’s microphone.

In addition to the camera, ceiling/wall mounting hardware, theft deterrent stickers, a power adapter and network cable for stable network connectivity are included in the box.


The SwannEye HD Pan & Tilt retails for $179.99 and the SwannEye HD Plug & Play retails for $129.99. Both cameras are available at Fry’s Electronics and www.swann.com.