Swann Launches Sky Duel Battling R/C Helicopters

I’ve always had a thing for remote control gadgets, but I especially love helicopters, I just find them a lot of fun. Swann has just launched a pair of remote control helicopters that they’re calling Sky Duel and it’s a two pack of helicopters that you can fight against each other. The helicopters shoot infrared beams and after being hit three time the helicopters will lose power and fall! I think that’s rather cool myself, it seems much more fun than just flying around. The r/c helicopters have an MSRP of $79.99 and they come with extra blades and even a landing pad for practice. The helicopters are small, but you should get about seven minutes of flight time per charge which is about the standard for these types of things.


Swann launches the latest addition to its helicopter line with the Sky Duel.  The Swann Sky Duel twin indoor helicopters allow you to shoot infrared beams at your opponent, complete with real whizzing sounds and flashing lights when you fire a missile.  After you’ve registered three hits, your opponent falls from the sky.  Once your duel is over, you can start again and give your challenger a chance to make a come-back.  Don’t worry about damaging your new toy- the Sky Duel is built for indoor flying and will withstand impacts and crashes!

The Sky Duel helicopters are easy to control and even harder to put down since they are equipped with Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro Technology. The controllers feature two analog control joysticks, styled after classic video games.  The trim controller comes equipped with a laser fire button, operated with little or no practice, making it easy for anyone to be flying like a pro in no time. The precise 6-way multi-directional Up/Down, Forward/Backward & Left/Right turn movements are simple and easy to execute.

The Sky Duel helicopters make charging on-the-go effortless, using either the cable in the remote control or your computer’s USB port so you can take your battle anywhere. Every time you charge up your Sky Duel, you’re ready for 7 minutes of flying per chopper.

Included with the Sky Duel are spare main and tail rotor blades, a screwdriver and parts. You also receive a bonus landing pad game for you to perfect your take-off and landing skills, so you’re battle-ready for the next challenger.  Take to the skies, grab a wing man and let the sky duel battle begin.  May the best pilot win.


Swann’s Sky Duel Helicopters are available at Fry’s Electronics and heli2