Thecus N4100EVO: The First Dual-core Cavium-based 4-bay NAS

Thecus is proud to announce their newest NAS box the N4100EVO. It’s a 4-bay box so you’ll have plenty of storage space and it’s the first NAS to feature the Cavium CPU. This new NAS has all the great features you’ve come to expect from Thecus like Bitorrent, XFS, SATA III and the ability to add your own modules for even more usability.




Taipei (Taiwan): Thecus is well known in the market for always putting innovative hardware and state of the art technology on the table for a fair price in order to guarantee our customers the best value. Thecus’s new N4100EVO NAS offer a broad range of advanced features and differentiate themselves with low-energy hardware for those who place strong value on cutting down their electricity costs and carbon footprint. This cost-effective hardware is the first four-bay NAS on the market to feature the speedy and efficient dual-core Cavium CPU to get the quick transfer speeds necessary for large backups and heavy use. The N4100EVO is designed to change the way you run your office, at home or at work.

Dual Core CPU

The N4100EVO doesn’t bust your budget and still has plenty of power to throw around. It integrates a Cavium dual-core processor, making file sharing, web hosting, and even heavy data backups easy and fast. This four bay NAS will also have 2 USB 2.0 ports for easy data backup to and from external hard drives and an LCD screen for more convenient administration.

Hardware RAID and the Powerful XOR Engine

The XOR Engine makes the N4100EVO the first SMB/home NAS on the market to use dedicated hardware to lighten the load of building RAID and free up the CPU to keep your NAS running fast. The N4100EVO embeds a dedicated XOR engine in order to speed up all RAID 5 computations and minimize one of the main drawbacks of RAID protection: rebuilding time!

A Well Rounded Software Bundle

It is important to give users the support and applications they need to take full advantage of storing and networking their data. That’s why Thecus provides a lot of useful tools to be sure their NAS can be pushed to the fullest extent. If you feel you are a tinkerer, you can also develop your own modules and share them with the community.

Thecus Firmware includes support for all the newest advances: XFS, 3TB HDD, SATAIII HDD, iSCSI, an open source module system, and more.

The powerful Acronis Backup software makes backups easy and keeps your data safe!

More than a dozen free modules are available on the Thecus website, including:

o A download manager for BitTorrent, eMule and HTTP. You don’t even need to switch on your computer!

o The brand new Piczza! photo server, which allows you to share your pictures with friends and family in a smart and easy-to-use interface.

o A Web Disk module to upload and download data simply and easily to and from your NAS.

“As the demand for storage capacity continues to grow, SMB/home users are requiring greater integration of storage into their environments,” said Florence Shih, Thecus Technology General Manager.“The N4100EVO is designed to deliver performance, features, and reliability at an affordable price to satisfy these needs.”

“Cavium is delighted to be working with Thecus in introducing the revolutionary 4-Bay NAS product to the market,” says Douglas Cheung, Director of Marketing for Consumer and Home Networking at Cavium.  “Our ECONA family of dual-core System-On-Chips (SoCs) deliver best–in-class NAS performance with the lowest power consumption.  N4100EVO leverages these attributes of ECONA SoC to deliver an energy efficient 4-bay solution without compromising the performance or cost targets.”

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