Things that I Want: Bluetooth-Controlled Cars and Capacitive Screen Gloves

Two things on my wish list, a bluetooth controlled car that can be controlled from Android or Symbian. I love toys, especially RC stuff and it’s about time that some other platform besides IOS gets  a cool toy! Then of course it’s cold outside and I wear gloves, but they aren’t the best when using a touch screen phone so I also want a pair of these capacitive gloves to keep my hands nice and toasty.

27476-1 glove

Speaking of the cold, these gloves for capacitive touch screens have been selling like hot cakes over the Winter months, and continue to do well as the weather stays chilly. Pretty simple concept – silicone fingertips mean the screen will still recognise your touch – but make a big difference when you’re out & about. See the press release here.

One gadget that’s brought out the child in us this week is the BeeWi Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Controlled Car, which lets you use your Android or Symbian mobile phone to control and steer a cool 1:20 replica of a Mini Cooper S. Just pair your phone to the car like a normal Bluetooth device, fire up the app & it’ll provide you with hours of fun – unless you’re an iPhone user, that is. Press release can be found here.

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