USB Thumb Drive Designed for U.S. Government Cyber Security Missions

Ok, I want one of these.. I love my USB drives, and this one is just awesome and I have to have it. It’s called the Blackjack and it automatically scans and copies data by prioritizing search criteria and securely partitions search results for analysis.  Unlike other search devices, it has LED indicators that immediately alert to the presence or absence of targeted data, so users can be certain whether they have indeed located and extracted information of interest. There’s no mention of price though, but I’m sure it’s not cheap…

Harris Corporation has introduced a highly customizable USB thumb drive that quickly extracts targeted data from computers.  The device – called BlackJack™ – is designed for military, intelligence, and law enforcement cyber security missions, where speed, stealth and accuracy are paramount considerations.

"This is a true breakthrough for the military, intelligence, and law enforcement communities that provide advanced computer forensics in the field without leaving a telltale footprint behind," said Richard White, vice president, Advanced Information Solutions, Harris Government Communications Systems.  "The BlackJack™ solution is lightning-fast, durable and has the potential for application in other markets, including corporate computer forensics."



Harris is a world leading cyber provider, combining the latest in technology assessment techniques and architecture engineering expertise to define and operate secure networks supporting nationally important programs.  The company supports, owns, or operates several of the nation’s largest secure networks.  Additionally, the company’s technology countermeasures and monitoring capabilities are proactively safeguarding vital information assets that support the critical missions of U.S. military, intelligence, transportation, and law enforcement customers.

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