V-Moda Metallo Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 Cases Out Now

Now these are some nice looking cases, I can only hope they come out with one for my HTC One, I’d be in line to order one for sure. The new V-Moda Metallo cases are for the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 and they feature interchangeable back plates that allow them to be compatible with other V-Moda products like their battery pack. The cases are forged from a single block of aluminum and laser cut for a precise design.  They’re available in several colors for $101.

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V-MODA, the multi-platinum selling designer of headphones trusted by the pros and elite, unveils the immediate availability of their new Metallo designer cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. Metallo defends your smartphone in style with a perfect balance of solid tactile feel and lightweight portability.
Designed as a standalone case or to work in parallel with V-MODA’s recently announced VAMP VERZA mobile Hi-Fi amplifier, DAC, and Battery charger, Metallo features interchangeable back plates for maximum versatility. This includes a solid aluminum plate and the VERZADOCK which bolts onto VAMP VERZA’s 4-bolt main design so you can slide and lock the phone to this portable audio powerhouse.
Metallo is forged from a single aluminum metal block machine milled and laser-cut through a state-of-the-art, precise design process that takes one hour to complete each case. The exquisite attention to detail is evident in the most subtle nuances of the Metallo from the unique V-ANGLE design to the tactile audio feedback of switching back plates which emulates the sound of unsheathing a sword.

“At V-MODA, we have an insatiable desire for perfection in every product we design,” states Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer at V-MODA. “Metallo truly embodies that principle with a rare and meticulous design process.  With the hundreds of carbon copy plastic smartphone cases on the market, Metallo stands out as a metal masterpiece that will make your friends ask, ‘where’d you get that case?’”
Metallo Case Features
•    Designer protection for your phone
•    V-ANGLE Lightweight Machined Metal
•    Interchangeable VERZADOCK Plate (patent-pending)
•    Sliding lock mechanism (patent-pending)
•    Compatible with VAMPVERZA AMP/DAC/Battery Pack
•    Includes protection film, Allen wrench, and a stylish metal guitar pick to help remove the back plate

The Metallo for Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 5 are available now for $101 from V-MODA.com and comes in Red Coral, Silver Snake, Orange Serpente and Black Mamba. Future cases will include Samsung Galaxy S 4, Note II, and other select mobile devices. Metallo features a one-year warranty and 60-day test drive guarantee. For high resolution images, visit http://vv.v-moda.com/.