Virgin Mobile USA Moves to $40 Unlimited Offer for Prepaid Mobile Broadband2Go

Gotta love when a company bucks the trend! All the other carriers are dropping the unlimited data plans for tiered but not Virgin. $40 gets you unlimited broadband, and it’s not even on a contract! Grab a MiFi, toss $40 on your account and you’re set for 1 month of unlimited data. Not bad at all.

Virgin Mobile USA recognized early on the value in expanding the mobile broadband market to include nationwide prepaid service with the introduction of the Broadband2Go portfolio last year, and then launch of the MiFi 2200 device in June. Now, Virgin Mobile is bolstering the Broadband2Go portfolio with a new $40 unlimited mobile broadband plan. Available tomorrow online and rolling out at retail in the coming weeks, the new offer replaces the previous $20, $40 and $60 plans, allowing consumers to access unlimited internet use at home or on-the-go for $40 per month. The $10 option for 100 MB, good for 10 days from purchase, remains for less frequent internet users


New Broadband2Go Plans

Signing up for the new unlimited plan also means customers no longer need to monitor data usage – and try to figure out how much they need —




*Data usage per activity is based on average use. Actual usage varies depending on the types of websites, video, email and other Internet applications accessed.

Broadband2Go activation remains simple and without fees. Customers who are currently signed up for the $20, $40 and $60 plans will be able to use up the data or time (whichever comes first) on their current plans. The next time they need Broadband2Go, they will have the choice of these two plans.

Top-Up can still be handled online, with a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, debit or credit card.

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