Acase TipTop Leather iPad Air Case Review

With the release of the iPad Air brings a host of new accessories to outfit that tablet. Today we will look at a folio style case from a company aptly named – Acase. The Tip Top is a leather iPad area case that doubles as a stand in horizontal orientations. It has a magnetic closure front cover which replicates the Smart Cover feature to wake the iPad Air when opening the case.

The inner cover has a microfiber material to protect the screen of the iPad Air. Acase made the Tip Top with a low profile to minimize the bulk of the case.




The case arrives in a large clear zip lock style plastic bag with the Tip Top seen within. The back of the bag features some history of the company and its goals for the case. One can appreciate the packaging as most cases come in cardboard boxes that in my opinion are unnecessary since this type of bag works just as well and is less wasteful. Plus you can reuse the bag for other purposes, which is very environmentally friendly.

Acase01 Acase02


The TipTop Acase iPad Air Case comes in black leather and looks similar to other folio cases. A crease on the left 1/3 of the front is for folding the cover back when using it as a stand. On the top right corner is an embossed Acase logo. Grey stitching is seen around the perimeter of the Tip Top.



On the back we see the leather portion of the case taper off and the black plastic of the cradle is found. There are openings for the camera and the back microphone. Additional stitching is seen here as well.

Acase04 Acase05


Opening the Tip Top we find the inside cover is covered with a beige microfiber material with four slots for positioning the case as a stand. This inner cover has magnets along its edge to give it “Smart Cover” functionality.

Acase06 Acase07


The shell is composed of black polycarbonate material and has openings for the headphone jack, microphone, power button, volume controls, speakers and Lightning connectors.

Acase08 Acase09


The front and part of the back cover elevate to allow the case to fold up for stand functionality.





Specifications and Features

TipTop Leather Acase iPad Air Case

Apple iPad Air Case – Designed specifically for the Apple iPad Air Ultra Slim Protective outer casing, which provides full body protection especially for 4 corners of iPad Air It is the best iPad Air Accessories – This case allows iPad Air viewed in 5 landscape modes and the flip around for convenient typing All the cut-outs of the case are specially designed for the iPad Air, all ports and buttons are accessible. The case closed with simple magnetic lid no other straps or clips. Smart Case enabled feature allows iPad Air is put to sleep or awakened when case is opened or closed.

Introducing the latest Ultra Slim TipTop Leather Acase iPad Air Case Acase Multifunction TipTop iPad Air Leather Case’s exterior protects the New iPad Air from bumps and drops This Ultra slim case (adds only 6 mm of total thickness) to your Apple iPad Air. The microfiber protect your Apple iPad Air without any scratches and no residues falling on to the screen. This perfectly design give your iPad Air a snug fit without adding any bulk to it, which is a great match with the slender design of the Apple iPad Air. The TipTop design allows for six varied viewing angles for optimum ease of use, It has a small plastic lip or ridge that sits at the bottom of the iPad Air and slips firmly into the grooves to hold the iPad Air in place more securely. You can still access all of the Apple ‘s iPad Air features! You can put your Apple iPad into any other bag or case without having to worry about not fitting! The choice solution in Apple iPad Air mobile protection!

MSRP Price: $30

Price: $29.90 (from Amazon at time of review)




Installation and Usage


Installation of the iPad Air into the Tip Top involves aligning the corner with the volume controls into the case and then pressing down so that all four plastic lips click onto the Apple tablet. Removing the case is best performed by pulling up from the bottom opening and prying the case off the sides of the iPad Air.

Once locked into the shell, the iPad Air is securely in place. Overall the case adds minimal bulk for a folio style case. The Tip Top adds about 6 mm of thickness to the iPad Air. The leather material has a classic appearance making the iPad Air both professional looking and inconspicuous at the same time.



The cover works as advertised as opening it will wake the iPad Air up and closing it put the tablet to sleep. It can fold back on itself when using the iPad Air with one hand. When held in this position there is no means for keeping the cover folded such as with an elastic band or hook.

To use the case as a stand simply bring the shell component to rest in one of the inner front cover grooves. There are several different angles to use with the iPad Air. Keep in mind all of these positions are horizontal though.

Acase12 Acase13

 Acase14 Acase15


If you wish to use the Tip Top for placing the iPad Air into a typing orientation, that can be done as well by folding the front cover in on itself and tucking it under the shell.

Acase16 Acase17



In terms of protection, the front cover should protect the screen and the inner microfiber covering should keep the screen from getting scuffed or scratched. The shell is fairly stiff and could probably withstand most small to moderate falls or bumps.




Overall, the Tip Top is a an ideal folio style case as it has a low profile while providing additional functionality. While not a perfect case it is ideal for those looking for a professional looking way to protect their iPad Air. For a case that has the Smart Cover capability and doubles as a stand it is a steal at it’s current price of $29.




+Smart Cover functionality
+Low profile folio case
+Professional looking appearance
+Competitively priced

-Front cover does not lock down

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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