Review of Meze 11 Classics Earphones

In my opinion nature and technology really don’t go together, to me they are at odds with one another. Technology to me is cold and hard and just not anything I would put together with something natural like wood. Wood is soft, organic and just really natural, you can’t really get much more natural than wood, to put it simply.  It bugs me when I see things like an iPod dock dressed up in real wood or even fake wood, to me they just don’t go together at all, but that’s my opinion. To me, I love walking into a home and seeing the original wood trim work and hardwood floors and everything else that goes with that, it’s warm, and soft and just welcoming and really beautiful. Technology has its place, it’s here, it’s not going anywhere, nature has its place as well, it was here first and normally I think they just don’t mix. There is an exception to that though, and just one for me, and that’s sound. When you look at high end speakers, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common and that’s wood, their cabinets are made of natural wood and that’s because wood just helps to produce a better sound overall. The sound you get is more natural, it’s softer and more authentic and more organic really. In a speaker, technology and nature are combined or merged and work in harmony with each other to produce something amazing I think.

Today for review I’ve got a pair of headphones or earbuds from a company called Meze and they’re called the 11 Classics and what makes these special I think is the fact that they’re made of wood. The majority of headphones on market are plastic with some made of metal but not many from wood. I’m not sure why you don’t see more headphones made from wood. Take a look at speakers, the best ones are made from wood and they produce the best sound, so why don’t we see more wood headphones if we know that wood gives us a better sound overall? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know the headphones I have for review today are very much worth a look if you appreciate good sound from your music. The Meze 11 Classics are priced at about $80 and that’s not overly expensive but it’s not exactly inexpensive either, I guess it depends on what you consider expensive or not. The headphones do come with a nice carrying case and I have to say that they are quality made overall. So read on…





The Meze 11 Classic come in a small black box with a picture on the front and details on the back.

meze1 meze2


Inside of the box you’ll finds the carrying case which is also black with the Meze logo in gold on the front. The case closes with a zipper that goes most of the way around and it’s a semi-hard case which well at protecting the headphones inside.


meze4 meze5


When you open it up you’ll find the 11 Classic in a plastic bag on the one side and a small pocket on the other which contains accessories. The inside of the case is a soft felt like material and it is slightly padded.

meze6 meze7


In that mesh pocket side you’ll find a carabineer and small and large sized earbud covers, the medium size is already installed on the headphones obviously.



The 11 Classics have a long braided cord which is about 52 inches or about 133cm in length. I like the braided cord as it does make the wires more durable and it protects them.

meze9 meze10


In-line you’ll find a microphone for taking and receiving call and at the end you’ll find a standard 3.5mm plug which is gold plated for better conductivity and that’s also slightly angled.

meze11 meze18


Here’s a few pictures of the headphones for you. On the end you’ll find the Meze logo and they are labeled with an L and R for right and left. The earphones are very lightweight, they weigh almost nothing honestly.


 meze13 meze14


The Meze 11 Classics feature 8mm drivers and the earbud covers easily pop and and off if you need to change them.



They are made of ebony wood so they are dark and unless you look really close they look like wood. The thing you’ll also notice is that the pattern or design is uneven, but it’s meant to be that way, it’s wood after all and that’s just how it is. They are truly unique, you’ll never two pairs of the 11 Classics that look exactly the same.

meze16 meze17



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