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There are two types of clear iPhone cases on the market: ones design for protection and are composed of a thicker plastic which can survive a hard impact and others that are “show” cases designed to display the iPhone rather than to protect it. Today we will look at one of the latter types of cases: the ArtWizz SeeJacket Crystal for iPhone 3G.

This case features a touchable screen cover which sets it apart from similar iPhone 3G cases. It designed to be sleek and transparent to highlight the appearance of the iPhone 3G.

The ArtWizz SeeJacket Crystal for iPhone 3G arrives in the same semi-circular plastic container as the Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G which we look at previously. The case is centered in the clear plastic window. Once again opening this package required some struggling as it was sealed in very securely.

SeeJacket01 SeeJacket02 SeeJacket03  SeeJacket04

Inside the package we find just the case itself. The SeeJacket Crystal for iPhone 3G is composed of two pieces, a back portion composed of polycarbonate and a front segment that is made of a much thinner plastic material. Unlike other iPhone 3G cases where the front of the iPhone is exposed to the world, Artwizz keeps the screen covered with a built in screen protector. This is definitely a nice feature to have if you don’t have a screen protector installed on your iPhone.

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This front screen shield area features a black border that matches the shape around the iPhone’s actual display. The Home button is protected by a thin plastic covering and there is an opening for the proximity sensor on the front of the screen protector. Artwizz decided to protect the iPhone as much as possible with the SeeJacket Crystal. In addition we find all the requisite openings including the headphone jack, power button, dock connector, speakers, volume and mute switch.


The clear back piece of the case has an embossed Artwizz logo in the center.

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ArtWizz SeeJacket Crystal for iPhone 3G

Crystal clear protective case for iPhone 3G

– Premium, sturdy and transparent plastic sleeve
– Connector cut-out
– Complete protection for your iPhone 3G (incl. display)
– Patented technology!
– Use on display does not affect operation of the iPhone 3G touchscreen


The SeeJacket Crystal Case is a transparent case made of impact resistant polycarbonate. It was designed specifically for the iPhone 3G.
It´s two part snap-on design allows for easy installation without scratching. SeeJacket´s combination of sleekness and transparency let your iPhone 3G remains the star of the show and not your case. The polycarbonate is completely clear so you can view your screen without hinderance. The use on display does not affect operation of the iPhone 3G touchscreen and offers complete protection for front and backside (incl. display) as well.

Easy access remains to the iPhone 3G controls and inputs.

For testing I used my wife’s iPhone 3G which has a nice Gelaskin skin on its back which she wanted to showcase. I figured the ArtWizz SeeJacket Crystal would be the perfect case for the job. Installation involves placing the iPhone into the rear segment of the case and then snapping on the front piece. Snapping the two pieces was slightly difficult as the front and back segments needed to connect a certain way to lock into place.

SeeJacket15 SeeJacket16 SeeJacket17

Initially when I opened the case I thought the locking mechanism was rather simple in its design and felt it would not lock the iPhone into place securely. Boy I was wrong. Getting on the case took a little bit of struggle, but once it was on, it was on. In fact getting it off was even harder to remove as there are no notches to separate the case into two parts. I had to slide my finger nail between the seal of the two halves to pry it off.

Here are some pictures with the case on the iPhone.

SeeJacket18 SeeJacket19 SeeJacket20 SeeJacket21

A better look at all the accessible buttons and inputs.

SeeJacket22 SeeJacket23 SeeJacket24 SeeJacket25 SeeJacket26

The screen protector did its job, but screen presses needed a little more force with the SeeJacket Crystal in place. Videos also seemed to be slightly darker with the case in place. All the buttons and connectors were easily reached and the SeeJacket Crystal did have a smaller profile than the Contour Design iSee and the iLuv Clear Hard Case.

My wife found the case added too much bulk to her liking as she normally uses a Silicon case which is generally thinner than a plastic model. I found the case to feel lacking on the front piece as the entire face is a clear plastic material with the surrounding black areas just painted onto the thin clear screen protector.



When I evaluate iPhone cases I use the following criteria: appearance, usability and build quality. The SeeJacket Crystal gets passing markets in all three categories but is only above average in the looks department. Compared to other cases the build quality seems average; the front portion of the case can best be described as flimsy. Fortunately in actual use it performs a decent job protecting the iPhone while keeping the focus on the phone and off the case.

Another annoyance was the screen protector caused screen presses need to be more firm than on the naked iPhone screen.

Overall the SeeJacket Crystal is a good iPhone 3G case, but it does not excel in an area to make me want to use it over my current case the Contour Design iSee.

Stylish appearance
Built in screen protector

Difficult to remove
Top cover seems flimsy

Overall score-7-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-7-10

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