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Online video has become extremely popular, everyone on from children to grandparents are getting in on the action, but let’s be honest, it’s not all the greatest stuff out there. Video editing can do wonders for a video, and adding titles, music, and special effect can really make your videos stand out from the rest, and that’s what we want right? We want our content to get noticed and seen by as many people as possible.

Cyberlink is a popular company when it comes to most anything video related, they’ve got several products to allow one to play, burn create and edit videos, and today I’m taking a look at the latest version of their Power Director, it’s version 7, Ultra edition. The Ultra edition on it means that it can do things the regular version can’t like supporting more file types. For the most part though it’s the same as the other non-ultra versions with a few minor changes and additions.

If you’ve been reading our reviews then you’ve seen our unboxing videos, I’ve used Power Director v7 for most of them, to edit them, create the titles, effects and other thing included with the videos. It’s a great program, that can be easy to use for the beginner and does offer advanced features for the more experienced video producing crowd.

There are several main features to Power Director 7, once you start up the program you are greeted with the main window where you can add files to the program to be edited. On this screen you’ll see several picture icons down along the left side, and a few choices across the top as well.

Down the side we’ve got icons for Files, Effects, PiP Objects, Text, Transitions, Audio, Recording, Chapter Creation and further editing.

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At the bottom of the main interface we’ve got a familiar timeline style interface as well that you can drag and drop items to if you wish from the main window, or you can right click on them for an option to appear for sending them to a specific part of the timeline.

Across the top are options for:

Capture for capturing video and audio from outside sources

Edit for editing obviously

Produce for actually creating or producing your finished movie

Create Disc to create a disc.


Cyberlink Power Director Ultra v7

Create Your Own Movie Masterpieces

* From Capture to Produce – in High-Definition – Create high-definition videos with support for HD content including AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD, and WMV-HD formats.

* 6-track Picture-in-Picture Effects – Design sophisticated image overlays, chroma-key effects, and masks, with up to 6 independently animated objects. Learn about using multiple PiPs.

* Disc Menu Designer – Work with new designs featuring “select scenes” navigation and animated chapter thumbnails. Create stylish menus with subtitle on/off controls too! Output to Blu-ray Discs and DVDs.

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator – Burn discs featuring surround sound audio that you can enjoy on your home-theater system.

* Resizable Workspace – Adjust your workspace to make editing even easier. Drag to enlarge the timeline, preview window and effects libraries.

Enhance Videos and Photos with Magic Tools

* Powerful Video Enhancements – Transform some of your worst mistakes into your best video content. PowerDirector’s video and photo enhancement tools let you adjust the degree of each fix then automatically create the results your are looking for.

* Automated Video Editing – Select a movie theme and let PowerDirector complete your video for you. No need to set a single edit point or add an effect. It’s totally automatic!

* Professional Slideshows – Choose from 7 unique templates, including the new “3D” style and slideshows featuring beat-detection technology to automatically sync your photos to music. The “cell” style gives you complete control, letting you arrange each photo.

Acquire Online Resources Easily

* Direct Access to Photos on Flickr – Retrieve photos you have already uploaded to Flickr. Search for photos created by your contacts or available under common license agreements. Import directly to your PowerDirector projects.

* Unlimited Audio on Freesound – Never get stuck for a sound effect again. Search by tags and import to your media library.

Connect with other PowerDirector Users on DirectorZone

* DirectorZone, the new online sharing community for PowerDirector usersYour PowerDirector Community – Enjoy free access to DirectorZone, PowerDirector’s dedicated online community.

* Download Effects – Access new effects created by other PowerDirector users for your projects.

* Upload Effects – Share your effects and DVD templates with other users on DirectorZone. Learn about uploading your creations to DirectorZone.

* Subscribe to Other Creators – Make sure you always get the latest designs of your favorite creators.

Price:  Cyberlink Power Director Ultra v7 US$119.95

Here’s a basic pictorial step-by-step of creating a movie, adding the file, adding text, title and final creation. Here you’ll see adding effects and text and producing the movie by selecting the file format and final conversion or creation.

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

To create your movie, it’s fairly simple and the longest part is actually creating the movie or encoding it to your selected file format.

One thing I did notice though is that Power Director seems to create final file sizes that are larger than other programs do, I’m guessing it has to do with their file compression system. You can of course change the settings, file format, audio quality and video size to help bring the size of the completed movie down.

Sample Movies:

Instead of embedding movies into the review, here are a couple links to a few movies I created using Power Director 7:

Corsair Unboxing

Diamond Radeon 4870 Unboxing


Cyberlink Power Director 7 is a very powerful and useful tool for video editing and creation that most anyone from beginners to pros can appreciate.

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Easy to use

Loaded with features

Good for beginners or advanced video editors


Compression seems larger than other programs





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