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Seiki Intros 39-inch 4K Ultra HDTV

More Ultra 4K HDTV news for today, Seiki has recently announced the availability of a 39” versions of it’s 4K Ultras HDTVs. You’ll be able to pre-order them from Sears with a price tag of $699.99 tomorrow but I just…

Sharp Intros Aquos 4K Ultra HDTV

I don’t know about these, I’d like to get one but I don’t really see many movies out there or programming made to be used with 4K resolution HDTVs?! So the Aquos Ultra HD LED TV is Sharp’s first 4K…

News and Reviews for 11-15-09

Hello, hello… Just posting my unboxing review of the Espon Workforce printers to Viddler as I type this.. so the review of those will be up soon as well.. but here’s a bunch of news for our friends: