Ballistix AURA laptop bag gets reviewed

Slappa Ballistix AURA Silver/Orange Laptop Shoulder Bag was recentely reviewed over at Geek with laptop. Besides the “funky” colors on this laptop bag it has a few neat qualities that are mentioned in the review. The bag is made out of water and tear resistant 1680-D ballistic nylon and has 1500 cubic inches of space. For you who don’t know how much that really is, the guys at Geek with laptops tested how many oranges they could fit in the bag. When they ran out of oranges (101 standard sized oranges) it still had room for more. The laptop compartment fits both 15.4″ and 17″ notebooks and it has dedicated compartments for storing laptop accessories.

The bag measures 18 x 15.35 x 6.3 inch (W x H x D), weights 4.26 lbs. , and costs $134.99 over at

The Geek with laptop team also tested the water resistance by showering the bag for 30 seconds, and cushion padding by throwing the bag of a 90 feet cliff. Interested to know what happend? Check out Geekwithlaptops review of the Slappa Ballistix AURA. In the same review they’re also checking out the Slappa Ballistix PTAC Matrix, so check out their review.