NZXT PP-800 800Watt Power Supply

Today for review I’ve got the NZXT PP-800, an 800watt power supply that offers stable power and a lot of connections  for most any system out there today. The PP-800 power supply features two fans for cooling, one 80mm and one 120mm to make sure things stay cool, and is certified by Nvidia for SLI gaming.

First up is the video unboxing, check that out then continue on for the still pictures below:

DSCF4663 DSCF4698 DSCF4701 DSCF4703 DSCF4705 DSCF4693

DSCF4711 DSCF4706 DSCF4708 DSCF4709 DSCF4710


PP800 Power Supplies
"Performance without sacrifice"

Introducing the newest PP800 from NZXT, tuned to power the latest peripherals and video cards on the market. The Performance Power 800 will power any high end system on the market today. At 78% load efficiency and paired with four +12V rails, the PP800 is the perfect solution for enthusiast systems. PP800 is certified by NVIDIA for SLI gaming systems.

* SLI-ready Certified Power Supply
* Complying with Intel ATX / BTX Standard
* Gold-Coated Connectors
* Output Over / Under / Short / Overload Protection
* 78% Efficiency at load
* Smooth black matte finish
* Industry Standard ATX V2.91
* Low Noise 80mm and 120mm Fan
* Four +12V Rails
* PCI-E 6/8pin, SATA, EPS12V Ready

-1 x Main connector (20+4 pin)
-1 x 12V(4+4-pin)
-8 x peripheral
-6 x SATA
-1 x Floppy
-2 x PCI-E

I installed the NZXT PP800 in my main system for testing, I found most of the cables were quite long with the exception of the main power cable that connects to the motherboard, it was shorter than most. The case is a Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label which has the PSU mounted on the bottom. This isn’t a bit deal, it reached, but I couldn’t strap it down using the existing wire management that I had in place. Depending on the size of your case and PSU location this might be a problem though so it’s something to keep in mind.

DSCF8937 DSCF8938

I tested the NZXT PP800 using my trusty Multimeter, and by keeping it in my system for about 2 weeks to insure it worked correctly and could handle my system.

In my system I’ve got two 4870 video cards, PhysX Card, four 120mm fans, C2Q9650 CPU along with two hard drives at the moment and two DVD/RW/BD drives.

To get load on the power supply with my system I ran two instances of Orthos Stress Prime for the CPU and FurMark to load the GPU, all running at the same time.

Hooking up the Multimeter I got the following for the 12v and 5v rails under load and idle.

12v = 12.07v
5v= 5.13v

12v = 12.04v
5v = 5.13v

As expected the 12v line did drop, but not much, and according to my multimeter the line was very stable with little or no fluctuations.
Surprisingly the 5v line didn’t drop at all.<
The NZXT PP800 is also fairly quiet even under load, during my testing it was 24.9C or about 77F in my room, I didn’t hear the fans over the rest of the case fans.


The NZXT PP-800 to me seems to be a fine power supply, it’s stable under load, and there’s barely any voltage drop on the main 12v rails.

The PP-800 has more than enough connection for most any computer, so there shouldn’t be a problem with finding a power lead for your system. As I mentioned the mains power connection, or ATX connector does seem a bit short compared to others I’ve had installed in my case. It reached my motherboard, but in larger cases, with bottom mounted PSUs it might not, or it will be a tight fit.


+Stable power
+Lots of connections

-Main power cable is shorter than most PSUs

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-10-10