Pantech Matrix



It’s Friday, a good day for cell phone reviews eh?

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I’ve got the Pantech Matrix dual slider qwerty phone for AT&T for review today, I’ve used the phone for the last week every day  doing what you would normally do with a phone… in my time with the Matrix I’ve actually come to like it very much, it’s a nice little phone that is lightweight, well made, easy to use and it’s got decent battery life as well.

The Matrix features a dual slider with standard keypad and full qwerty keyboard that allows for quick and easy texting and emailing. It also features a video camera that you can zoom while recording, a 1.3MP still camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player and even XM radio.

For phone reviews I give them seven days of everyday use, the phone being reviewed replaces my regular phone and goes with me everywhere, if by seven days I’m not accustomed to the phone then it’s go some problems that need to be worked out. With the Matrix I had no real problems at all, after a couple days of using it I was very comfortable with it. The Pantech Matrix is really a great little phone…


First up of course we’ve got the video unboxing