Super Talent Pico-D 8gb USB Drive


A couple days ago I took a look at the Super Talent Pico-C USB Drive, today of review I’ve got the Pico-D 8gb USB Drive for review. It’s a small sized USB drive, though not as small as the Pico-C , but it’s close. The Pico-D is a swivel style drive, the outer casing is metal and the actual USB drive is plastic and it swivels out from the metal and just like the Pico-C, the Pico-D is water resistant as well as rugged and durable.

How does it stack up against the Pico-C and other drives? Read on to find out…

The Super Talent Pico-D comes in and easy open plastic clamshell style package, there’s not much information listed, just the basic on the back.

DSCF7115 DSCF7114

The only thing that comes with the Pico-D is a ball style keychain so you can attach it to your keys or wherever you wish.

DSCF7125 DSCF7120

The Super Talent logo is holographic so it shimmers in the light in rainbow colors, the logo with the black background make a nice contrast. As mentioned the Pico-D is a swivel drive, the USB connection and the memory are all one sealed piece that swivels out from the chromed metal housing.

DSCF7131 DSCF7132

DSCF7143 DSCF7134

The drive is large than the Pico-C, but only because of the housing, if you removed it from the housing it should be the same exact size, it’s still a very small USB drive that can easily be taken with you anywhere you want to.

DSCF7150 DSCF7144 DSCF7147



The Pico-D is, according to this test, fairly slow compared to the others, but that’s relative really, none of them are really slow, these are just comparative numbers from the overall testing results.

If we take a closer look at the transfer rates for the Pico-D compared to the others we see a different story though:


Looking at these results we can see the Pico-D has read Performance equal to most drives out there today, but it’s the write performance that brings the overall score down.

Seriously though when using the Pico-D or the others I reviewed this week, you can’t feel any difference in the transfer times.

The Pico-D is very well made just like it’s little brother the Pico-C and should withstand any use you can come up with for it, and of course that includes harsh conditions as well as it is water resistant. The metal covering should protect the drive very well also from any physical damage. It is a swivel style drive, but it shouldn’t open by itself, it’s not loose at all so you won’t have to worry about it opening in your pocket or bag.

One thing I did find odd or a possible flaw with the Pico-D is that you can insert it into a USB port wrong, since it’s flat it will fit either way into the port. It won’t damage the drive or the port, it just won’t work obviously when it’s inserted wrong. The Corsair Flash Voyager Minis I just reviewed are like that as well, and a friend of mine was over and found that out for himself when he stuck it in upside and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.. so it’s not a problem really, just something to pay attention to.

DSCF7132 DSCF7150

The Super Talent Pico-D 8gb USB drive is an excellent product that I think anyone would be happy with.

You’ve got many choices out there today when it comes to USB drives and of course you’ll pick the one that you think is right for you, but give the Pico-D from Super Talent a look, it’s got some great features and I think you’ll like it.

Water resistant

Can insert into USB port upside down if not careful

Overall score-9-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-9-10