Review of a-Jays One+ Earphones


Usage and Testing


For testing I used these with my HTC One, PS Vita, ZuneHD and my computer.


Sound Quality:

I don’t care how much a set of headphones costs or what they can do, the extra features don’t mean much if the headphones don’t sound good.

Overall these have a a slightly muffled sound to them, there is bass and treble but I think the sound just isn’t as crisp as it could be giving them an almost muffled sound.

They do have very good bass, even at low volumes you can hear and even feel the bass in bass heavy style music.

There is treble and highs but just not a lot, I personally would like it to be more pronounced and more crisp and noticeable.

If you like bass then you’ll love these headphones surely.



There are two types of controls, the in-line with one button offers basic functions but then there is a free Android app that you can install that adds a lot more features and functionality.

The functions without the app are just play and pause and answer/end calls.

To get the app you just go to Google Play and install it.

When you first open the app you’ll asked which remote you have, single button or three button. Obviously I have the single button so that’s what I picked.



The next screen is for basic controls with a dial to secret off, Easy or Advanced modes. Default is easy mode with the functions of the button listed below the dial control.



When you move to Advanced more option are opened up for you with choices for Button Actions, Settings, Click delays and Extras.



The Advanced options offer much more control like the ability to adjust the volume and skip back and forth between tracks by doing various actions like triple and double clicks or long presses.



Under Settings you’ll find the ability to enable audio feedback cues, volume settings and functionality settings.

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Under Extras you’ll find Help, link to Jays and Headset monitor which will list the clicks you’ve done to show them and to make sure the headphones are functioning properly.



Call Quality:

If you get a call the music will turn off until your call is over and then continue again.

Call quality is only really as good as sound quality.

Personally I don’t care for taking calls in stereo, I guess I’m old fashioned that way, but it is nice to be able to take or make calls without having to remove the headset from your head.

The remote functions fine for calls, you’re able to answer and end calls with a simple press of the button.

People sound fine and I had no complaints when talking with these.



The cord or cables are tangle free and they really are. I’ve tossed them around in and and out of places and they haven’t gotten tangled.

They are thick, or I should say wide and they are thin in terms of thickness.

They are rubbery and bouncy and I’ve noticed that if you sweat they will stick to your neck slightly which can be annoying.

There is quite a bit of cord noise with these though, they’re flat and if you rub them you can hear the vibrations in the earphones very clearly and loudly. Just moving your head back and forth, you can hear the cord sounds loudly.


Noise Reduction:

They do  a decent job of noise reduction even at lower volumes.

I’m sitting here right now with my kids just a few feet from me with the volume low and I can just barely hear them.

Turn the volume up slightly and I can’t hear them at all. You don’t have to turn the volume up loud at all really to block out the outside noises, the headphones themselves do a good job of that.



These are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The earbuds are soft and they stay in your ears very well even while moving around.


Build Quality / Design:

I’d have to say the build quality is very nice. I like the design and looks of them.

The cords seem well made and shouldn’t break very easily.

They are lightweight overall and the cords are long enough for most any uses I would think.


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