Review of a-Jays One+ Earphones

Up for review today I’ve got another set of earphones or earbuds, whichever you call them, but they’re from a company called a-Jays and the product is called the One+. The headphones feature an in-line one button remote with microphone but if you’re using them with an Android device you can install the free app which adds even more functionality and control to the remote. The headphones feature truly tangle free cables and they even come with five different sizes of earbud covers to make sure you get the correct fit for your ears.  So read on…




The box for the a-Jays One+ headphones is a plastic container which looks really nice.  One thing of interest on the front is the ‘Optimized for Android’ note there, I don’t think I’ve ever owned or reviewed anything that was basically made for Android devices. It’s a set of headphones so you can use with anything, not just Android of course.

ajays1 ajays2


If you look closer at the back you’ll find info about downloading the Jays headset control app for Android which adds more functionality and control to the headphones.



The front slides off to reveal the user manual and a section labeled cables.



When you remove the user manual you’ll find the headphones and extra earbud covers. The rest of the earphone cables you’ll find below under the section labeled cables.



The box is nice really, you could just keep it and use it as a carrying case, but it is big in size.


The cables are the flat or tangle free style and they’re about forty five inches long. They’re rubbery and springy really but they seem durable and should last a while I would think. The specs mention that you can just toss them in your pocket or bag and they won’t get tangled, one can only hope!



The headphones  are labeled right and left as you’d expect and they have 8.6mm dynamic speakers in them.




The plug is ‘L’ shaped and is silver plated which is odd as most you see are gold plated.



In-line you’ll find a remote control with one button and a microphone on the reverse side.

ajays10 ajays11


There are five sizes of earbud covers included, one is already installed on the headphones and four more are in the box. Surely with so many choices you’ll be able to find the perfect size for your ears. The sizes are xx small, x small, small, medium and large.



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