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No matter how big the iPhone battery capacity there will always be a point when you will need an extra “boost”. Whether it’s at the ball game, going to a concert or during the midst of a busy workday; an extra charge capacity is always welcome. Today we will look at the BuQu PowerArmour Battery Case for iPhone 6.

This charging case features a powerful lithium polymer cell designed to double your iPhone’s battery life. BuQu created it to be slim and lightweight as to avoid adding unnecessary bulk to the iPhone. It features a slide lock mechanism making it easy to install and remove. Inside the case is a soft lining to keep the iPhone 6 from getting scratched up.

The PowerArmour Battery Case for iPhone 6 includes a built-in LED fuel gauge, simply push the adjacent button to reveal the battery capacity. In addition there is an on/off switch to conserve the battery power when not in use. The PowerArmour Battery Case charges using a micro-USB cable and can charge both the phone and case via this connection.

An extended reach audio adapter cable is provided for hassle free connection to one’s music low headphone or a speaker.


The BuQu PowerArmour Battery Case for iPhone 6 comes packaged in a white cardboard box with an image of the case and iPhone 6 on the front with a listing of some case features. A front cover opens to reveal the PowerArmour Battery Case behind a clear plastic window. On this inner flap cover is a detailed listing of case features. The back of the package features another image of the case along with a detailed description of all its capabilities.

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Opening the box we find the PowerArmour Battery Case, a headphone adapter, the Micro USB cable, and user manual. The case comes in black and is pre-charged for immediate use. It is type shell.



Inside the BuQu case is a 2800 mAH battery compared to the 1810 mAh one found in the iPhone 6.

In terms of appearance the PowerArmour Battery Case looks like numerous other iPhone charging cases. The shell is composed of a polycarbonate with a soft inner padding.

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On the other hand the slide out Lightning connector is something fairly unique. In the past I’ve seen a pull out cable or a static Lightning connector that requires the iPhone to be slid onto it.

At the lower half of the PowerArmour Battery Case we find two sound channels for the iPhone 6 speakers.

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The sides of the PowerArmour Battery Case are totally open which means there is no protection for the volume and power buttons.

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On the bottom is a headphone jack opening that fits only narrow straight headphone connectors like the Apple ear buds. If you have headphones that do not fit an included headphone extender is provided.

There is an opening for the camera on the back along with four LEDs that indicate battery capacity between the fuel gauge button and power switch.

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Specifications and Features

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Removing the case off the iPhone 6 is just as simple, slide out the connector then lift the phone out of the PowerArmour Battery Case.

The PowerArmour Battery Case is charged using the included micro USB cable; simply plug the appropriate end into the case and into a free USB port or USB AC adapter.

Sliding the on/off switch on the back of the case to the green position powers the PowerArmour Battery Case for iPhone 6. Pressing the fuel gauge button on the back shows the capacity with each LED indicating 25% of the charge going up 100%. Turning off the battery case involves sliding the switch to the red position.

Battery charging took several hours (~3hrs). For testing the case was used to recharge to an iPhone 6 with only 5% capacity remaining. It took the course of a couple of hours to replenish the iPhone 6 battery and after that point the PowerArmour Battery Case did provide a full with some extra charge. Having the capability to recharge the large iPhone 6 on the road is always a good thing.

The PowerArmour Battery Case has a rubbery soft texture to keep the case secure in the user’s hands. However, as a protective case the PowerArmour Battery Case comes up weak. The iPhone 6 sits fairly exposed within the BuQu PowerArmour Case with the front and sides exposed. I do not foresee this case protecting the iPhone 6 from a moderate fall.

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Since the case does not cover the buttons, accessing them is straightforward. The opening for the camera prevents to BuQu PowerArmour Battery Case from interfering with any shots.



While it’s advertised as being slim the PowerArmour Battery Case still adds a fair amount of bulk to the iPhone 6. Keep in mind most battery cases will add more mass than a standard iPhone 6 case.

Headphone users may need the included extension cable as the iPhone 6 headphone jack is recessed in the bottom of the PowerArmour Battery Case. A straight jack like those found on the Apple ear buds will easily fit but a wide plug or an angled one will need the extender for headphone use.




Scores Out of 10
Overall score-7-10
Design / Aesthetic score-7-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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