Review of Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch (4th gen) – Buffalo Plaid

For today’s review we will be looking at the Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch case from our friends at Speck. Burton a company known for their winter outdoor lifestyle has teamed with the Speck designers to create a distinctive case for the latest iPod Touch version. It is based on the Speck Fitted design, which we have reviewed in the past for the iPad and iPhone.

The case is a hard shell style designed for the 4th gen iPod Touch that is covered by Burton designed fabric on the back. It has openings for all buttons, controls and sensors.

The Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch comes packaged in a Burton influenced Speck cardboard box. Instead of the usual orange and white Speck branding we find black and white branding with the case seen through a clear plastic window. On the back of the box is a blurb about the Burton iPod Touch case.

Burton01 Burton02

There are three styles of the Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch case, for our review we will look at the Buffalo Plaid version which is a black/white and grey print. The other versions include Toile and Lumber Lighter.


Like other Speck fitted cases, this version comes in two pieces. It measures 0.375" x 2.5" x 4.5" and weighs 0.6 oz. Since this is a hard shell case both halves are made of a tough polycarbonate plastic. Speck makes the case more comfortable in one’s hands by adding a soft touch coating over this plastic.

Burton04 Burton05

The top section creates the front bezel of the case keeping the screen from coming into contact with other surfaces. Speck does not include a screen film with the case, but does sell one called the Shield View.

The back of the case is covered by the Burton designed polyester fabric pattern.

There are opening for the iPod Touch’s buttons, camera, controls and connections.

Burton06 Burton07 Burton08 Burton09

Clips on the inner portion of the back piece keep the Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch case closed.

Burton10 Burton11 Burton12


Burton13 Burton14

The case slightly increases the profile of the iPod Touch but not by much. The case is well designed and stays on very tightly once locked onto the iPod Touch. It should protect the iPod Touch from mild to moderate trauma like most hard shell cases.

Rubbery grips on the side of the Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch case help keep the case secure in the user’s hands.

On the back in the lower right hand corner is a red Burton logo. Appearance wise this case will remind folks of the grunge era with its plaid pattern. Still it is a nice looking case and my daughter says – “it looks cool” and I tend to agree.


“Burton x Speck” is embossed on the bottom right side of the case, although I foresee this will wear off over time with constant use. The front of the case provides an elevated bezel to protect the iPod Touch’s screen.


Burton01 Burton03 Burton05 Burton13


The Burton Edition Fitted for iPod Touch case is another well-made case from Speck. The addition of the Burton style makes the plaid patterned case stand out other hard shell iPod Touch cases. Besides its sense of style this case is functional as well. Since it is a hard shell case it should keep the iPod Touch safe from most minor to moderate trauma.

I know my daughter will not be removing it from her iPod Touch for the foreseeable future


+Awesome look
+Full access to all controls
+Low profile hard shell case

-Hard to separate pieces
-If clips break then case may become useless

Overall score-9-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-9-10

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