Review of BYB Professional Series CREE T6 LED USB Headlamp

I have a thing for lights, not sure why, but I like them, I have many LED flashlights floating around and I’m always interested in trying a new one. Today for review BYB has sent me over their latest LED flashlight that is also a headlamp or it can also be used as a bicycle light or just a flashlight. The light can be powered by a dual 18650 battery pack that is included but more importantly it can be powered by any USB power source, your computer or a portable USB battery pack. I find this light very useful, it can be used for many thing, like outdoors as it is waterproof or anything around the house. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

BYB Professional Series CREE T6 LED USB Headlamp, Rechargeable 2x 18650 Batteries, USB Cord, Cycling Mount, and Headband Included, Waterproof, 4 Modes for usage

-Advanced Polyester Fabric Headband, Comfortable for wearing, Durable for Usage
-Super Bright XML T6 LED, up to max 1200 Lumens and last 15 Hours
-Aluminum Alloy Casing & USB Batteries Pack, Very durable and convenient for EDC
-Multi-function, 3 in 1 Capability, Can be used as Headlamp, Bike Light and Flashlight
-4 Modes: High, Mid, Low & Strobe with one single button to control

Price: $22.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review


The headlamp just ships in a brown box with a label on it, it’s fine for what it is.



Once you get the box unpacked you’ll find the user manual, carrying bag, clamp, LED light, USB cable and the headband with battery pack already attached for you. The carrying bag is very nice and sturdy, it’s made of I think a tarp like material, it’s cloth on the inside but it rubberized on the outside.



The headband that’s included isn’t really that special in my opinion and the battery pack comes attached to it but you can remove it as it just slides off of the headband strap. Coming out of the battery pack is a standard USB female connection. The headband is made of an elastic material and on the front is a square plastic section that the LED light will attach to.

byblamp6 byblamp7


The LED light itself rectangular in shape and it has a metal housing and it feel very well made and it’s heavy for its size. The dimensions are slightly larger than 1.25 x 1.5 x 1.25. The power cord is a spring style USB cable with a male UISB connector at the end, the cord expands to over 20 inches if I really stretch it out. On the back is the power button and the front is the LED of course which is covered with a glass lens, the light housing seems sealed and it is mentioned in the specs that it’s waterproof. On the bottom of the light is a plastic bracket that works with the included clamp.

byblamp3 byblamp4



The included clamp can be attached to the light rather easily, it just slides onto the bracket on the bottom of the light and locks into place. The clamp does have a tab that you can push down to release the clamp from the light. Once attached to the the light the clamp can then be attached to the square plate on the headband and locked into place by adjusting the belt by turning the plastic nut on the clamp. The clamp can also be attached to anything round really like bicycle handlebars so you can use it as a headlight. I’ve used it with my finger through the clamp hole so it’s like a flashlight. I did notice that the clip sort of wears out after a while, well it gets bent down and it won’t lock into place anymore, but you can fix that by bending the clip upwards again and it will lock again, but it will unbend after a while of using it though. There’s also a rubber piece inside of the clip that comes loose too that you’ll need to put back into place, but a couple drop of glue can fix that.

byblamp8 byblamp9



The battery pack has a cloth drawstring bag over it which can be removed and inside you’ll find two 18650 batteries essentially shrink wrapped together with the USB cable coming out from between them. The included USB cable is used to charge the battery pack by your computer if you want or really any other USB power source including a portable USB battery pack. The USB cable has two male ends on it and there are LEDs in the connectors to indicate charging, one is blue and one is red. The battery pack is convenient but I’m not sure how to replace it if it ever goes bad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pack like this for sale anywhere.

byblamp11 byblamp12



When you plug the light in a ring around the switch lights up green to let you know it’s ready to be used. The button in the center is metal and it’s used to power it on and off and change the modes. The first click is high, then medium and then low and then off. The fourth mode is strobe and to activate that mode you double click the button. I like this system, I have many other lights and the strobe function just activates right after the low mode so you have to cycle through all of them, this way you only activate strobe when you really need or want to.



I really didn’t use the light with the headband, I just found it uncomfortable with the heavy weight of the two batteries there at the back of my head. I did use it quite often though as just a flashlight, it’s extremely bright, I think it’s the brightest flashlight I have in my collection or very close. When this light is on high it’s blindingly bright and it can easily light up a whole room and many many feet or meters in front of you on a trail. The specs mention it’s rated for 300 meters lighting distance, and I have to say it’s close to that I would think.



Yes you can use the included battery pack but I found that any portable USB battery pack that you would use for your cellphone works just as good, it has a USB port and you just plug it in for power and it works great.



This light does have some minor flaws but I still like it a lot, it’s extremely bright, it’s like a mini spotlight really.

The fact that it can be powered by any USB power source makes it that much better. You don’t have to use the included battery pack, but it’s convenient, but you can use most any off the shelf cellphone USB battery pack for power.

The headband isn’t the best, it’s not very comfortable and having the light and the battery pack makes it a bit too heavy for your head in my opinion, but I guess it’s nice to have the option.

The clamp style clip can be attached to the headband but it can also be attached to anything round like bicycle handlebars or you can use it on your finger to use the light as a flashlight.


+Extremely bright
+Well made, durable and waterproof
+Powered via any USB power source
-Headband not the best really
-Battery pack not easy to replace
-Clip on clamp comes loose after repeated uses


score-8-10 Recommended


Grading Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10


Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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