Review of Cooler Master Seidon 120XL CPU Water Cooling System

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So here’s the Seidon 120XL itself, it’s a closed loop system which never requires maintenance from the end user. You’ll never have to fill it up or make any adjustments, the only thing you’ll really need to do is dust the radiator and fans every once in a while to maintain optimum performance.


The pump and water block is all one piece and of course it’s sealed like the rest of the system. The block ships with a plastic protective covering on it. The block is actually rather heavy, even though it’s kind of small. There are four mounts on it that work with both Intel and AMD, the mount and most of the block is plastic but the screw holes are brass.


The actual base is all copper and very large, it should more than cover the CPU. The base is fairly smooth and seems to be flat.


I was not taking the block apart, for one I couldn’t’ find where I put the screw bit that would fit and the other reason is I didn’t want any leaks if it didn’t seal correctly. I did grab a picture from the Cooler Master website on the Seidon 120XL product page for your to show you what the inside looks like. The block uses what Cooler Master calls ultrafine micro channels to create a larger surface area inside of the block for better cooling performance.


Here’s the top of the block where you can see the cooling input and output lines and of course the Cooler Master logo is there.

seidon23 seidon24

Here’s a side view of the pump block for you:


The pump does have one power connection coming from it, it’s a three pin connector so you can connect it to most any motherboard header.


The pump is important but the radiator is just as important or it could be the most important part of the system as it is what keeps the fluid cool and in turn keeps the CPU cool.


 seidon19 seidon20

 seidon21 seidon22

The radiator 38mm or 1.5 inches thick and it seems to be very high quality. There are fan mounts on both sides of it.