Review of Dynex 32" Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV

When it comes to buying an HDTV it’s a very subjective experience, what is good to some is not to others. Many people think that the more you pay for something the better it has to be, but that’s not always true. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good that for sure, it just means it costs a lot. In the economy we have now many people aren’t willing to spend thousands of dollars for something like a TV anymore, so more and more inexpensive sets are showing up on the market. Is that a good thing? Well it all depends on what you think is good in terms of sound and picture quality.

Today for review I’ve got a very inexpensive HDTV from Dynex, it’s 32” Class in size and it offers 720P resolution and the price is below $300. Hard to believe you can get an HDTV that size for so little isn’t it? The Dynex is what you might call a barebones HDTV, meaning that it’s very limited in what it can do and what types of ports and the number or ports you have to work with.

Personally I don’t think this HDTV is that good, but my wife and children think it is and they’re the ones who are going to be viewing it the most. If they’re happy does it really matter what I think in the end?

It’s a rather large HDTV so it comes in a big box as you might expect, and it’s packaged well.

dynex1 dynex2 dynex3

In the accessory bag you’ll find the remote, screws for the stand, A/V cables, remote, batteries and documentation.


The remote is fairly basic but so is the TV. It works for what it needs to do. I do like the fact that there is a input button and buttons to individually choose the inputs.

dynex5 dynex6 dynex7

The TV does come with a rather large stand that requires the screws seen above to attach it. I have to say the process of attaching the stand to the TV is not an easy one. You have to get the screws down inside the stand and attach it to the TV, sounds easy but it’s not at all. It was just not designed very well at all.


The TV has a glossy, piano black finish to it so it looks nice.  It has a thin profile and for its size I have to say it’s rather lightweight, at least lighter than I thought it would be.

dynex9 dynex10

On the back you’ll find mounting holes for a wall bracket and the connection panel, along with the power cord of course.


On the back panel you’ll find two HDMI connections, one VGA input, a USB port for service, one component connection, one composite, a coax connection and a SPIDF connector. As you can see there really isn’t much there in terms of inputs, so you may have to get some kind of switch or expander box if you have more things to connect.


dynex13 dynex14

You can control the TV with the remote, but on the side you’ll find buttons for Menu, Input, Volume, Channel and Power. You can see the serial number there, so I blacked it out



dynex22 dynex23 dynex24 dynex25 dynex26

The next thing is the sound, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. It does have a simulated surround sound that actually does sort of work. There is a noticeable difference when using it though as opposed to just stereo sound. The speakers can get nice and loud and not too distorted at loud levels. They do though sound a bit thin, they don’t exactly offer a full sound experience.

The menu options are a bit sparse but the basic stuff is there.

dynex16 dynex20 dynex17 dynex18 dynex19

When you push the input button a smaller menu pops up in the bottom left corner and you can use the directional pad to select the input. As I mentioned earlier you can also use the labeled input buttons instead.


One of the best things about this TV is the price, under $300 for a 32” HDTV isn’t bad at all, but you get what you pay for.

dynex1 dynex4 dynex9 dynex10

The Dynex 32” Class 720P LCD HDTV is inexpensive yes, and it might work well as a secondary TV in a bedroom if you aren’t too particular about having a perfect picture.

The picture quality isn’t the greatest at all, but the old adage you get what you pay for really applies here. When it comes to an HDTV you don’t want to skimp on cost, or name brand for that matter I think.

I don’t think you’ll find a lower price for an HDTV of this size, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

As I said in the beginning, an HDTV is a subjective experience for sure, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. If you’re happy with it then I guess that’s what matters most.


+Aesthetically pleasing
+Easy to use remote
+Not bad for the price, but it depends what you’re looking for

-Stand can be difficult to attach
-Rather thin sounding
-Picture quality could be better
-Limited viewing angle

Overall score-7-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-7-10

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