Review of ERollDeep Automatic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mat

If you’ve ever been camping outside in a sleeping bag you would know it’s not very comfortable as the ground can be rough and rocky at times and even cold depending when you go. There are solutions for that problem and one of them would be what I have for review today which is an automatic or self-inflating sleeping mat. Inflatable mats are nice in that you can compress them making them small and portable, but having to blow them up isn’t very fun, but this one is self-inflating, at least the main mattress part is. The mat does have a pillow built-in but you’ll have to inflate that manually. The mat is nice overall, and it seems fairly durable enough for camping uses I would think. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features



The bag is held closed with a drawstring that you can secure closed with a plastic lock. The bag does not include a carrying strap so you’ll have to carry it under your arm or attach it to your pack in some way. The carrying bag doesn’t seem very sturdy as the bottom end ripped the first time I used it. I could sew it, but it shouldn’t have ripped on the first use.

sleepmat2 sleepmat3


The mat comes in a carrying bag but it’s also secured with two thick nylon straps with plastic buckles. The straps can be adjusted to make them tighter and compress the mat making it smaller and easier to use.

sleepmat4 sleepmat5


The mat is 72 inches long in total but the pillow sections at the top is about 12 inches so the mat section is really only 60 inches, which is only about 5 feet. The pillow inflates by using a clear valve just like on any other inflatable product. The pillow is not self-inflating, yes you have to do that yourself. When you blow up the pillow it’s not very comfortable, I found letting some air out makes it better to sleep on but you’ll have to adjust it to your own liking. Since the pillow inflates upwards essentially it takes away from the actual length of it and makes it about 9.5 inches tall. I also noticed the valve doesn’t stay closed and the air leaks out slowly, it just pops open sometimes, but not all the time.

sleepmat6 sleepmat7


The actual mat is self-inflating and you do that by opening the black valve located near the top. The valve can be opened partially to let it slowly fill up or you can remove the valve cover and it will fill much faster. I removed the valve and the mat filled up with air in less than 5 minutes. The mat inflates to about .5 inches when full but it’s not all air, there is padding in there too. Half inch doesn’t seem that thick, but when combined with a sleeping bag it’s much better than sleeping on the bare ground surely as it will keep the cold away and keep you dry. The inflated mat area is about 20.5 inches wide and about 57.75 inches long.

sleepmat9 sleepmat10 


On the right and left side of the mat are white buttons that you can use to connect two mats together if you wanted to.




I like the ERollDeep sleeping mat even though it’s not exactly perfect. The material it’s made from is thick so it seems durable to me, it should be fine to use outdoors on the ground for camping and it shouldn’t be damaged. You can compress the mat to small and manageable size with the help of the included straps.

The mat doesn’t seem very thick when inflated but it’s not all air, there’s foam inside as well and it’s meant to be used with your sleeping bag or under it really. When you combine the padding of the mat and the sleeping bag it makes for a comfortable sleeping surface overall.

One of the main problems I have is that it’s short, at least too short for me. I’m 6 feet tall and when I lay on it my ankles and feet hang off the bottom.

The carrying bag could be better, it ripped the first time I used it and I doesn’t have a handle or strap to carry it.

The pillow isn’t self-inflating but that’s not a big concern to me, what is of concern though is that the valve doesn’t stay closed all the time and the air slowly leaks out.

+Mat seems durable
+Multiple uses, not just camping
+Includes carrying bag
+Comfortable under sleeping bag

-No carry strap or handle
-Carrying bag ripped on first use
-Pillow not self-inflating
-Short size for me
-No instructions
-Pillow not really comfortable



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-6-10
Design / Aesthetic score-6-10
Value / Price score-7-10
Performance / Usage score-7-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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