Review of Evercool Silent Shark HPO-12025 CPU Cooler

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Installation and Testing Continued



Once I started to install the fans and fan shroud I found out I could not install it with the fan in the vertical position, I had to angle the fan outward because of the ram.



Here’s a top view of the installation and the fan angled with the ram slots and power cable:



Before the Evercool Silent Shark arrived I was using the Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler with my processor, so that’s what I’m comparing it to.


For testing  the Shark I did it three different ways. First I tested it without the fan shroud, or no fans, then I installed the shroud and then used the included adapters to lower the fan speeds.

Ambient room temperature was 24.5C (+/- .3c) during all testing. I used Orthos Stress Prime to get load on the CPU cores. I used CoreTemp to monitor and log the temperature during testing and I then averaged them out to get a single temperature for the following graph.




The cooler does a very good job of keeping the CPU cool as you can see from the chart. The cooler could be used without the fans at all really as the combination of fins and numerous heatpipes do a great job. The Noctua NH-U12P cooler is a great cooler as well, and it does a decent job too. The Silent Shark performs just as well as the Noctua, in fact does slightly better but only by a degree really.

The Silent Shark is very loud with the fans running at full speed, and for me it’s just too loud honestly. Evercool did include adapters to lower the speed of the fans and they do a very good job at lowering the noise level of the fans to virtually silent or at least to the point they don’t add any additional noise to the system. With the adapters in place the fan noise is lowered to a much more reasonable level.



Overall the Evercool Silent Shark is a decent cooler, it’s well made and it does good job at keeping things cool.