Review of Feenix Dimora Gaming Mousepad

Up for review today I have a gaming mousepad from Feenix called the Dimora and I like it a lot, it’s very well made and offers excellent tracking no matter how fast of slow you move. The Dimora is black in color with a rough surface to it but the surface allows the mouse to just glide effortlessly across it. The pad is plastic and it’s fairly plain looking except for the Feenix logo in the right corner, it does have a glossy border and overall it makes for a nice presentation. Read on to learn more…





The box of the Feenix Dimora is plain black basically. On the front you’ll see the Feenix logo and just a very little bit of information on the back corner. I missed it several times, but on the front edge of the box you’ll find the Dimora name in black.

dimora1 dimora2



When you open the box you’ll be greeted with the pad in a protective padded box and you’ll see a support card there with info for your personalized support agent.



Here’s the pad, it has a plastic construction with a glossy border and a textured surface and the Feenix logo in the top right corner.



In the top right corner you’ll see the Feenix logo and that’s all the identifying marks on it.



Here’s a closer view of the surface and you can see it looks textured but when you run the mouse over it it feels basically smooth. Feenix calls it a micro textured surface that increases glide by minimizing the contact between the pad and mouse.



The border and sides of the Dimora are glossy and it’s 6mm or .24 inches thick. The thickness and the material make the Dimora very stiff, which I don’t mind, but it’s not exactly something you can easily take with you fi you need to.



When I turned the Dimora over I was a bit surprised by the pattern I found there but Feenix calls it a diamond support pattern and says it will keep the Dimora flat. The back has twelve rubber non-slip feet to keep the pad in place no matter what you do.



Here’s an angled and close up view of the back of the Dimora for you, the pattern is relatively deep and it looks very unique.



Specifications and Features


a Feenix gaming mousepad

Perfection comes to life with The Dimora. Aesthetically elegant and impeccably crafted, The Dimora’s design and functionality are nothing short of excellent.

The Dimora was created using the culmination of surface technologies and design practices, making it the perfect base for any Feenix mouse.

A beautifully carved Feenix emblem and pristine flat edged borders set a refined tone for The Dimora

The Dimora’s micro textured surface makes it feel as if mice are hovering on air. The hard micro textured surface counter-intuitively increases glide by minimizing the overall contact between the mouse and the mousepad, resulting in very low friction. Achieving unrivaled glide was one of the primary passions that fueled the making of The Dimora.

The Dimora offers flawless tracking through the use of super reflective surface technologies. The Dimora sends data back to the sensor at speeds and consistencies unheard of with conventional mousepads.

The single-body construction helps The Dimora achieve a level of quality and reliability that meets the expectations set by Feenix’s values.

This single-body structure, along with the use of internal diamond-shaped support patterning, allows The Dimora to remain perfectly flat and resilient in almost any situation.

Optimally positioned Silicon feet on the underside of The Dimora make sure the mousepad stays firmly planted even while being used by the most aggressive of gamers.

Length: 350 mm / 13.80″
Width: 280mm mm / 11.00″
Height: 6.0mm /0.24″

Price: $36


Testing and Usage

A little bit ago I reviewed the Feenix Nascita and it’s just an excellent mouse and of course I used it with the Dimora. I also used the Func MS-3 Rev 2 and the Mionix Naos along with the Sentry Revolution Pro.

The Nascita, Func and Mionix worked perfectly with the Dimora but the Sentey didn’t exactly work well.  The Dimora seemed too slick for the Sentey and I think it’s because the ceramic feet on it, it was just a bit hard to control on the Dimora.

Most of my time with the Dimora was spent using it with the Nascita and no matter what I did, everyday work or gaming, the Nasciata tracked just fine.

The thickness of the Dimora might be an issue for some people , but for me it’s not, I was actually using a glass pad before the Dimora and it was fairly thick. If you’re accustomed to thin pads then the Dimora will be something different for you.



I found the Feenix Dimora to be an excellent mousepad overall, it’s just very well made and it offers excellent tracking.

The price is about $36 and that’s just right for the Dimora in my opinion, you’re getting an excellent product for the cost.

I found the tracking to be just fine with the mice I tested at no matter what DPI I used. Fast or slow, gaming or just everyday use I found the Dimora to be a pleasure to use.

Feenix of course recommends pairing the Dimora with the Feenix Nascita gaming mouse and I have to say that it is a perfect pairing, but it will work with other mice.

The Dimora is a mousepad that I think most any gamer will be happy with.



score-9-10 Recommended



+Very well made
+Excellent tracking
+Looks great

-Thickness might be an issue
-Some mice might not work well

Grades: 9 out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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