Review of GiiNii 8" "All-In-One" Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames like other technologies have become more advanced and feature rich while becoming more affordable. Today’s review item is from GiiNii who make the 8-inch “All-In-One” true video digital picture frame. Besides displaying digital snapshots it is also video capable with H.264/MPEG-4 video playback. It can even play video directly from Flip camcorder via the frame’s USB port.

Other features of the GiiNii “All-In-One” include stereo playback which can handle common audio format including MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV files. The frame has a built-in 6 in 1 card reader for a SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, MS duo and XD memory cards. The GiiNii “All-In-One” also includes a USB host connection and mini USB port for attaching the frame to a computer for media transfers.

The GiiNii “All-In-One” comes packaged in a white cardboard box with the digital picture frame visualized on the front. On the sides of the box we find a list of features while the back offers more details about the product in English, Spanish and French.

GiiNii01 GiiNii02

Opening the box we find the GiiNii picture frame, remote control, mini USB cable, AC power cord along with a packet containing the user manual, quick start guide, warranty, registration, and website address which offers additional free downloads for the digital frame. GiiNii also provides an additional paper mat for bordering the inside of the frame.  The instruction booklet looks rather thick but includes three language translations so in reality it is only 64 pages. The Quick Start Guide provides a twelve-step list to get started with the GiiNii “All-In-One”.

GiiNii03 GiiNii04 GiiNii05

The GiiNii “All-In-One” features an 8” screen with 800×600 resolution. It has 4:3 screen ratio with 2 GB of internal memory. The frame has a reddish brown wood border with a paper mat frame around the digital screen. It is lightweight, well made and solidly constructed.


On the backside of the frame all of the controls and inputs are found. Starting from the top of the frame we see the GiiNii button (which toggles the unit between slideshow and clock view), exit and menu buttons below it along with a scroll wheel in the middle.

GiiNii07 GiiNii08

In the back center of the frame is the retractable stand which can be positioned into landscape or portrait views. Next to this adjustable stand is a magnetic area which allows the remote control to be stored out of sight and out of the way.

GiiNii09 GiiNii10

On the left side are the power button along with a mini USB and standard USB port, a 6 in 1 card reader and the AC power connector. At the bottom of the back of the frame are two knobs designed for opening the frame and changing the paper mat border inside the frame.

A11 GiiNii12

The remote is slightly smaller than the size of an older iPod Nano and features similar controls found on the back of the digital frame. The backside of the remote is magnetic allowing it to stick to the back of the GiiNii “All-In-One” frame.


The frame does have a stand on the back, but it can be mounted on the wall as well.

A14 A15


GiiNii 8″ “All-In-One” Digital Picture Frame

Model: GH-8DNP

Everything you need to store, show and create albums · True Multimedia — MPEG4 and AVC/H.264 Capable

Our GiiNii 8″ “All-In-One” True Video Picture Frame has one of the sharpest, clearest pictures anywhere with 800 x 600 screen resolution. The real wood frame with glass and premium photo matting is a beautiful addition to any home décor. And, everything you need to view, store and organize your photos is right here on this updated Picture Frame, thanks to our brand new, easy to use menu. For the first time, you can actually create and tag/label your own photo albums right on the frame using a soft-keypad. This frame has true multimedia capability for instant music and video playback. Plug-and-Play simplicity. Just slide in your camera’s memory card, or insert your non-HD camcorder directly into the USB slot. When we say, No PC Required, that means everything you need is right here on the Picture Frame. Every GiiNii Picture Frame comes ready-to-use with the 12 National Parks photo collection preinstalled.
Product Specifications

Internal Memory: 2GB
Image Capacity: Up to 10,000 photos
Photo Formats: JPEG/BMP/JPEG Progressive/EXIF
Plug-&-Play:Most USB Camcorders
Video Formats:M-Jpeg/MPEG4/H.264(D1)
Music Playback:Yes
6-1 Card Reader:Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, MMC, xD Picture Card
“Type A” USB Port: Yes
Mini USB Port: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Panel Interface: Digital
Screen Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixels
Auto-Rotate: Yes
Wall Mountable: Yes
National Parks Library Vol.2: Yes
AC Adapter: Yes
Environmental Compliance: RoHS, WEEE
Energy Star Certified: Yes

Price: $79.99 (From Amazon at time of review)

The frame can be positioned into landscape or portrait views using the adjustable stand. Once the frame is plugged into an AC outlet, pressing the power button for a few seconds turns on the GiiNii “All-In-One”.

An animated menu dock occupies the home screen with icons for EnerGiiNii Scheduler, Clock, Digital Scrapbook, Photo Slideshow, Album, Media Center, And Settings. Either the remote or the control buttons on the back of the device will navigate these icons.

A16 A17

The EnerGiiNii Scheduler changes the energy and power settings of the GiiNii “All-In-One”. The five settings include Off, Auto 50%, Auto 100%, Save 20%, Save 50%. The Auto settings will either put the frame to 50% power use at night or shut it off completely after a certain time.

From the Clock icon the appearance of the GiiNii’s clock can be changed with one of the included clock skins; more options can be downloaded from the GiiNii website. Digital ScrapBook allows the user to display photos in slideshow mode with various preloaded templates and more downloaded ones as well.

A18 A19 A20

Photo Slideshow is exactly what it sounds like; it will play the contents of the internal memory, inserted memory card or attached USB device in slideshow format. Transition effects and picture display times can be altered from here as well.

To manage the photos through the GiiNii “All-In-One” use the Album icon. From here photos can be managed, sorted and tagged into different albums.


If you wish to playback music or videos then this can be done via the Media Center icon. From here you can playback from a USB drive, memory stick, internal memory or an attached external video recorder such as a Flip camera.

Finally the settings screen allows the adjustment of date and time, display and firmware settings and general information.


You can use either the 6 in 1 card reader or the USB port to transfer pictures, videos or music onto the devices internal memory. If you wish to install media onto the frame via a PC or Mac then plugging into it via the mini-USB cable is an option. When connected to a computer the internal memory will be seen as an external drive.

The GiiNii “All-In-One” may seem like a standard digital picture frame but the inclusion of music and video playback make it a slightly different beast. Unfortunately either the 800 x 600 resolution or the display panel makes the images seem slightly washed out. Compared to my Sony Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo Frame, the images on the GiiNii “All-In-One” seemed less crisp and the color less vivid.

A23 A24 A25

Video playback worked well with the GiiNii “All-In-One” as it is able to handle MP4 and AVI videos without any issue. I was able to watch both home made videos and transcoded DVD movies on the digital frame. I did not have access to a Flip camera to test the camcorder direct input feature. When I tried to connect my iPhone 4 to the unit it would shut down and need to be unplugged to restart; it is definitely not iPod/iPhone compatible.

The volume on the device was surprisingly loud. The audio is passable but will not be confused with any hi-fidelity standalone system. You will not be using the “All-In-One” to replace your stereo anytime soon.

The frame’s slideshow provides several transitions styles but surprisingly I did not find a picture shuffle option anywhere in the device’s settings. When not running a slideshow the GiiNii allows the frame to function as a clock.

The remote control was slightly fickle as button presses did not always register or were delayed by a few seconds even when aimed inches away and directly at the “All-In-One”.

Despite these issues, the “All-In-One” is a well built digital picture frame that will fit in with most decors. GiiNii does not offer alternative styles hopefully that will change in the future.

A02 IMG_3489 A06 A23


The GiiNii “All-In-One” is a nice digital frame that may be trying to do too much for its price point. To make this frame reasonably priced GiiNii may have chosen a lesser quality display panel making the images seem slightly washed out.

The built in software is nice but lacking in a few features as well such as shuffle mode for the slideshow. The nice thing about this frame is it is firmware upgradeable so that can be added at a later date.

This frame does not offering anything revolutionary to the digital frame market but does offer a lot of features at a reasonable price. The setup is not complicated making this frame one which non technologically inclined persons can easily use. It is well built and aesthetically looks great.


+Plenty of features
+Video Playback
+Simple to use
+Built in card reader
+Works with USB camcorders
+Low price

-Picture quality slightly washed out
-Remote is fickle
-Does not work with iPod/iPhone 4 video

Overall score-7-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-7-10

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