Review of GreenSmart Bottles to Bags Horizontal Notebook Messenger Bag

We love green, and you can’t get much more green than the product I have for review today, it’s a messenger bag mode of 100% recycled materials, specifically plastic bottles. The product is called the GreenSmart Bottles to Bags Horizontal Messenger Bag, sent it over, and it’s very inexpensive coming in at under $10. How many messenger bags do you know of that cost that little? None that I know of, at least that is until now. The bag has plenty of room inside for laptops up to 15.4” in size and enough room for quite a bit more.


GreenSmart Bottles to Bags Horizontal Notebook Messenger Bag – 100% Recycled Materials

This olive green GreenSmart Bottles to Bags Horizontal Notebook Messenger Bag is made out of 100% recycled materials (PET bottles to be exact). The padded notebook compartment fits laptops up to 15.4-inches in screen size, and has a number of accessory pockets and zippered pockets for smaller items.

Use the adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable transport. With plenty of room for books, binders, and other supplies, the Act 2 GreenSmart Horizontal Messenger Bag is perfect for school!

General Features:
– Color: Olive Green
– Eco-friendly construction
– Made out of 100% recycled materials
– Fits notebooks up to 15.4-inches in screen size (horizontally)
– Front and rear zippered pockets
– Padded notebook compartment
– Large main compartment for books, binders and other large items
– Accessory pockets
– Adjustable shoulder strap
– Magnetic buttons secure lid shut
– Hand strap

Fun Facts:
– Uses (made from): 30 – 16 ounce PET bottles
– Saves: 20,154 Btu or 5.9 kWh (enough energy to power your laptop for 236 hours)

– External: 18 x 15.5 x 5.0-inches (H x W x D, approximate)
– Notebook compartment: 15.5 x 14.25 x 1.5-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

Price: $9.99

There’s no fancy packaging, did you really expect any from a green product?

green1 green2 green3

The front of the bag has one zippered pocket on it.

green4 green5

When you open the flap you’re greeted with three smaller pockets and a larger one.


Behind those pockets is a padded compartment for your laptop and another large space.


On the back is another small zippered pocket and a single handle.

green9 green10

The bag does has a nice thick strap on it, but there’s no shoulder pad.


I put my Dell XPS M140 in the GreenSmart bag and it fit fine vertically or horizontally. The other pocket can easily be used for your power supply.  I noticed one odd thing though, the laptop compartment isn’t fully separated it’s open towards the bottom so my power supply just slides through and hits my laptop.


green13 green14

green15 green16

There’s not much to this bag really, but it’s got a lot of room for large things like your laptop or even books and your laptop. The other compartments are smaller, but they’re useful.

The material feels like nylon, nothing like I expected at all. It does feel nicely made though and it should be rugged or durable enough to last though through the daily rigors of life.

green1 green6 green7 green12


The lack of shoulder pad is a bit disappointing, having a very heavy load in the pack might be an issue with no strap. I carried it around for a day with just my laptop in it and it wasn’t too bad despite the lack of strap. The strap is thick so it does help distribute the weight enough to keep it from becoming uncomfortable.

I’m surprised by this bag, for under $10 you can get a basic bag yes but one that will be enough for your daily commute or trip to school.


+Very inexpensive
+100% Recycled materials
+Tons of room inside main section
+Nicely made

-No padded strap
-Really large laptop area
-Not really divided

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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