Review of Griffin Slim Keyboard Folio for iPad Air


Testing and Usage

Before initially using the Slim Keyboard Folio you will need to charge the battery for 3 to 4 hours. This is done using the included cable which plugs into the micro-USB connector on the folio into the USB port on your computer or a USB charger.

The iPad Air fits in the Slim Keyboard Folio the by sliding it through the opening on the back of the case. Initially, this envelope style opening will be a little tight and takes some pressure to get the iPad Air properly situated.

To pair the iPad with the keyboard go to the settings menu on your iPad Air and make sure the Bluetooth section is powered on. Next turn on the keyboard using the switch on the bottom right corner of the Slim Keyboard Folio case then press the Bluetooth button to pair the keyboard to your iPad.

Select the Folio from the device list and then enter the four digit code shown on your iPad on the keyboard then press the Enter button. Now your keyboard should be paired with the iPad.

To use the Slim Keyboard Folio as a keyboard you’ll need to flip out easel stand on the back of the Griffin case. Unfortunately Griffin chose to use to fabric straps for the stand making it feel rather delicate and easy to knock down bringing your iPad Air with it.

Griffin Keyboard14


The Slim Keyboard Folio has a nice responsive feel as I am actually typing this review while using the Slim Keyboard Folio. The top row of keys doubles as the numbers and function key in combo with the bottom left hand function button. These function keys include screen brightness control, pulling up the virtual keyboard, activating a search, playing back media, volume control and delete key.

The top left button acts as the Home button while the top right Lock button will put the iPad Air to sleep. The placement of this latter button is unfortunate as just below it is the backspace key. Numerous times I ended up turning off the iPad air screen when I was trying to hit the smaller backspace button below this screen lock button.

Openings for all of the iPad Air’s inputs and buttons were present allowing quick and easy access. The lack of Smart Cover capability was a disappointment as there were already magnets built into this case.

Griffin Keyboard15

 Griffin Keyboard16 Griffin Keyboard17

 Griffin Keyboard18


In terms of battery life the Slim Keyboard Folio is designed to last up to 130 hours or 45 days in standby mode. During my testing which lasted a couple weeks I did not have to recharge the folio once despite moderate usage.

As a case the Slim Keyboard Folio seems like it would provide solid protection from mild to moderate impacts or trauma. While the Slim Keyboard Folio can act as a horizontal stand, it only offers one position and the easel stand is easy to knock down sending the iPad air quickly down onto the table.

Hopefully in future versions Griffin will implement a stand that locks into place with adjustable viewing angles.


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