Review of Id America TouchTone Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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If you like your music loud then you’ll certainly be amazed and happy with just how loud the TouchTone can get and of course the fact that it sounds great at any volume level.

The sound from the TouchTone is impressive really, especially if you consider the small size of it, it’s much louder that it looks.

The included carrying case should protect the TouchTone from any minor damage and keep it clean.

You’ve got choices, you can use the Bluetooth connection to be wireless but you can also use the TouchTone with non-Bluetooth enabled devices thanks to the line-in port and cable.

Controls are touch sensitive and they work great and pairing over Bluetooth is easy.

The only really bad thing about the TouchTone is the battery life, you only get about four hours which isn’t much at all, especially considering it’s rather large. I’ve got smaller speakers and they’ve got larger capacity batteries in them, but then again those speakers aren’t four watts in total.

The price is a bit high I think, yes it is very well made and its works great but it is just a Bluetooth speaker after all and when it comes to those you’ve got a plethora of choices out there. Yes you’re paying for dual speakers and a lot of power in a small device and yes you’re paying for the touch ability as well, does it justify the $75-$80 price tag? I’m not sure honestly, I guess it all depends on what you want or need in a speaker.

In the end I can recommend the TouchTone to you if you want something unique that’s very loud and has decent sound.


8 recommended5



+Extremely loud
+Simple to use touch controls
+Dual speakers
+Seems well made
+Good sound
+Bluetooth or line-in connections

-Rather short battery life

Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-7-10
Performance / Usagescore-9-10

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