Review of Id America TouchTone Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Up for review today I have the TouchTone Bluetooth speaker from Id America which features touch sensitive controls, hence the word touch in the name. The TouchTone is wireless over Bluetooth but it also has a line-in that uses a standard audio connector so you can even use it with non Bluetooth devices. The TouchTone can put out of total of four watts from the two speakers and that might not sound like much, but it is, this thing can get very loud but yet there’s very minimal distortion. Anyway, read on to learn more…




The box for TouchTone is nicely down overall. You’ll find information on the sides and the back along with nice pictures of it.

touchtone1 touchtone2


The cover is actually more of a slip-cover over a black box with the Id America logo on it. When you open the black box you’ll see the TouchTone itself wrapped in plastic for protection.

touchtone3 touchtone4


Included with the TouchTone you’ll find a carrying bag, user manual and two cables.



ID America included two cables with the TouchTone, a microUSB one for charging and a double ended 3.5mm audio cable for line-in so you can use it with non Bluetooth devices. The wires are about 13 inches long, which should be fine for most uses I would think.



A cloth carrying bag is included and it’s a drawstring style. For the most I think it should protect the TouchTone from scratches and any damage it might get while in your bag with your other stuff.



The one I got for review is black in color but you can also get it in white. The TouchTone does have a metal grill that wraps all the way around it for protection of the speakers and the unit itself. There are two speakers inside which offer two watts of power each. Dimensions are about five inches wide by three inches thick and about two and half inches tall, so it’s not small but it’s not incredibly large either, it’s small enough to put in your bag and go. Inside you’ll find a 1000mAh battery which offers up to four hours of play time. Overall the TouchTone seems very well made to me, it’s solid and sturdy.

touchtone7 touchtone9


On the top you’ll find the controls for mode, play/pause, answer/end calls and forward and back. These aren’t buttons exactly the TouchTone is touch sensitive, so you can just touch what you want. The center ring around the Id America logo is actually the volume controls.



On the back you’ll find the main power button, 3.5mm line in connection and the microUSB port. Under the USB is a tiny hole which is actually an LED.



There isn’t much on the bottom really, just the ID label, but I should note that most of the area of the bottom is a non-slip rubber pad.





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