Review of iFit Active

The term wearable has become the latest technological buzzword. This word can describe many different devices such as smart watches and fitness trackers. With the imminent release of the much discussed Apple Watch we will definitely be hearing this word used more and more.

For today’s review we will be looking at the latest fitness tracker from iFit. The iFit Active is designed to be a complete activity tracker, which measures your caloric intake and output along with steps, distance and sleep. Used in conjunction the free iFit Track app on either an iOS or Android device you can also log your caloric intake as well as get messages, reminders and alerts to help you keep up your motivation to achieve your daily goals.

For those with iFit enabled machines or access to gyms that feature them; you can also aggravate that workout data into the iFit Track app. This capability can be found in brands such as NordicTrack, Pro-Form, and Reebok.




The iFit Active activity tracker arrives in a white cardboard box with a clear plastic cover revealing the tracker pod, band and clip found within the package. On the back is a list of features along with iOS and Android compatibility logos.

iFit 01 iFit 02


Inside the package we find that iFit Active tracker pod, an adjustable wristband, an accessory clip, a USB charging cable, quick start guide and the user manual.

iFit 03


The tracker pod is the brains of the system. This small black unit is composed of matte black plastic with a glossy black screen and measures 4.5 cm in width and 2cm in height.

On the top and bottom of this unit are the ‘B1’ and ‘B2” buttons. Flipping the tracker pod over reveals two charging contacts and a small groove for attaching to the charging cable.

iFit 04

iFit 05 iFit 06


The iFit Active supports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and is compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iPod Touch fifth-generation and newer or Android 4.3 and higher devices.

Two included accessories make wearing the iFit Active simple and convenient – the adjustable wristband and accessory clip. Both of these are composed of black rubbery material. If black is not your choice of color, iFit offers a patriotic selection of red, white and blue wristbands and clips on their website as an additional purchase.

iFit 07 iFit 08


The charging cable has a standard USB connector at one end and two contact points at the opposite end with a strap.





Specifications and Features

iFit Active

The Active wristband is a sporty, comfortable fitness tracker dedicated to helping you achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

It works around the clock every single day to track your calories, activity, and sleep, providing you with only the most current and accurate information at any given time.

Live Better: Active is your gateway to living a better life the right way. It goes where you go, serving as the perfect companion. You will constantly be motivated to push forward and stay on track towards achieving your goals.

iFit Family: Active completes the iFit family by syncing wirelessly and automatically to everything iFit, bringing it full circle. With its ability to seamlessly connect to all of iFit, you can easily access your information anywhere, anytime through multiple platforms.

Real Time All The Time: Active is continuously updating, so you’re provided with the most current and accurate information at any given moment. Giving you exact numbers recorded right down to the very second is crucial to helping you achieve your goals.

A Better Way of Living: The iFit Active fitness tracker is the newest addition to the family, bringing iFit full circle. Together it works with its mobile app to track your everyday activity, sleep, and nutrition, while providing you with the tools to live a better and healthier life.

3-In-1 Activity Tracker

With you day and night, rain or shine.

Wristband or clip, customize both by choosing from a variety of colors.

Buzzzz: Alerts and messages that keep you in tune with your daily goals.

It’s now easier than ever to stay on track towards making your goals a reality. iFit Active will be with you every step of the way, sending you alerts throughout the day to help you stay motivated and focused.

Net Calories: iFit shows a Net Calories score based on the calories you consume minus the calories you burn. So you always know when you’re in the healthy, harmful, or weight loss range.

Calories In: Log the calories you consume with the quick calorie button on the iFit Active band or use the app.

Calories Out: See how many calories you’ve burned while active, idle, or asleep.

Steps: Every step you take throughout the day is recorded and displayed in real-time.

Distance: Measures exactly how far your daily activities take you each day.

Sleep: Automatically changes to night mode to record your pillow time and sleep patterns.

Goals: View personal goals and watch your progress in steps, distance, calories, and net calories.

Connect with Friends: Because it’s always more fun with friends. Participate in some healthy competition with your family and friends. While you cheer each other on, you can compare stats and activity to see where you match up.

Every Calorie Counts: Keep an exact count of your daily nutrition.

Select each food item you eat from an extensive food database on the app to log exact calories, or use the quick calorie button on your band.

Compatible with the iPhone 4S and above, iPod touch 5th Gen and above, and Android 4.3 and above.

Price: $129.99




Testing and Usage


To start using the iFit Active you’ll first need to make sure the tracker pod is charged. This is accomplished by attaching the tracker pod to the charger cable. Unlike other fitness trackers the iFit Active model does not have a micro USB connection for charging. Instead it has two contacts on the back that align on the charger. Once connected there is a strap to secure the tracker pod in position while it charges.

iFit 09 iFit 10


You can either plug it into a USB port on your computer or directly into a USB enabled wall adapter or car charger. It takes about 4-8 hours to completely charge the iFit Active.

Once this is accomplished you will need to pair the iFit Active tracker to your iOS or Android device. Download the free iFit Track app to your mobile device. Next make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS or Android device and then open the iFit Track app that will guide the setup process.

iFit 11 iFit 12 iFit 13

 iFit 14 iFit 15 iFit 16

 iFit 17 iFit 18 iFit 19

 iFit 20 iFit 21 iFit 22


To pair the tracker pod press both the B1 and B2 buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the words Sync On appear on the screen. Within a minute the unit will display whether pairing has been successful or not.

The average battery expectancy is 5 to 7 days between charges. During my week of using it I have not needed to charge it after 7 days of straight use. Pressing the top button on the iFit Active twice from a blank screen will check the remaining battery capacity. At 10% and 5% the tracker pod will vibrate for 5 seconds to notify the user that the battery needs charging.

Using the iFit Active is similar to most other fitness trackers. You can wear the device on the wrist similar to a Nike Fuel Band, as a clip device such as the FitBit One or loose in one’s pants like the Withing’s Pulse. The iFit Active is lightweight and small thus keeping it out of the way during workouts or during everyday wear.

The wristband was my personal favorite to use, however it is also the hardest to put on and remove. The plastic locking clip is the main issue with putting on and taking off the band. It has a fastening lock that can be difficult to slide on and off, especially when using one hand.

iFit 23


To use the clip simply insert one end of the tracker pod into the opening on the underside of the clip and then press the other end of the iFit Active in place while pulling the rubber over the front of the device. Once again reversing these actions will remove the tracker pod from the clerk.

Of course if you prefer you can use the device by slipping it into your pocket. Just be careful not to lose it or let it fallout.

iFit 24 iFit 25


In terms of size the iFit Active is similar in dimensions to the Withings Pulse.

iFit 26


To operate the tracker pod you’ll use the top B1 and B2 buttons. Pressing the B1 button once from the blank screen will display the time and date while pressing it a second time or within 10 seconds will show the battery level display.

Using the B2 button cycles through Net Calories, Calories In, Calories Out, Steps, or Distance results. Calories can be entered using the B1 button followed by a combination B1 and B2 buttons. Calories can be added at 50-calorie increments.

Pressing the B1 button then holding the B2 buttons for 2 1/2 seconds activates the Sleep or Workout timers; the B1 button cycles between selecting Sleep or Workout. Pressing the B2 button from either one of these options will either start the workout or bedtime sequence.

The screen has a glossy coat which helps to make the display easy to read. The only time I had an issue viewing the display was in direct sunlight.

In terms of appearance it is very inconspicuous when worn on the belt and the black wristband makes it look no different than similar wrist worn activity trackers. The tracker pod seems to seamlessly merge with the band giving it a sleek appearance.

iFit 27

The job of the tracker pod is to gather the data, but once it is accumulated you will need the iOS or Android app to help visualize, quantify and store this data.

The iFit Track app works with the user created profile and allows the viewing of information captured by the iFit Active. From the app you can set various goals and alarms. The app has various visualizations to measure the data parameters and can also import info from other iFit enable exercise machines that the user signs into.

There are numerous options within the iFit Track app as seen in these screen grabs.

iFit 28 iFit 29 iFit 30

 iFit 31 iFit 32 iFit 33

 iFit 34 iFit 35 iFit 36


The main screen shows three parameters – Nutrition, Sleep and Steps Taken. Clicking on the individual icons next to each title brings up a detailed screen with more information.

iFit 37 iFit 38 iFit 39


As you can see, I am not a calorie counter thus I did not really take advantage of this capability to track that info.

Overall the app provides useful information but could benefit from some more features such as graphing this more detailed data.

In regards to tracking steps and distance, I found that the iFit Active would under count steps despite entering the proper demographics when I signed up for my account. Comparing it to the Withings Pulse I would have a 1000+ step discrepancy between the two units. This occurred despite using the calibration feature as well.






The iFit Active is an activity tracker designed for those who are especially interested in counting calories. It has a caloric input feature that I have not encountered in the other fitness devices that I have used.

Like other models it can also track sleep and workout times along with steps and distance traveled. When used with the wristband attachment it will have a look similar to the Nike Fuel Band. While using it as a clip on, it looks similar to the Withings Pulse or Fitbit One.

Overall the iFit Active is a worthy entry into the wearable fitness market. Like other products, hopefully iFit will add more features in the future with firmware updates and app improvements. If you have access to iFit compatible equipment then the ability to aggregate data using the free app may be especially enticing to the user.




+Includes wristband and belt clip
+Screen bright and easy to read
+Optional colored wristband and belt clips
+Works in conjunction with other iFit devices

-Under counting of steps
-iOS app could provide more information

Grades: 8 out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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