Review of mStand Laptop Stand

For today’s review we will be looking at the mStand from Rain Design. This laptop stand was created with the MacBook Pro aluminum design aesthetic in mind. Although it could be used with most any laptop it looks like it was born to be holding an aluminum style MacBook. The mStand is composed of a unibody piece of aluminum that matches up perfectly with the MacBook Pro/Air anodized finish.

In addition since it’s composed of aluminum it functions as a heat sink to keep the laptop cool. Rain Design also left an opening at the back for wire routing.


The mStand arrives in a white cardboard box with pictures of the device on the front and back. On the sides we find a listing of features and the ergonomic benefits of the stand. Inside the package we find the mStand nestled between two cardboard holders, along with the catalog of products from Rain Design.

mStand01 mStand02 mStand03 mStand04

The mStand is a unibody aluminum laptop stand that measures 10 inches at the base by 7 1/2 inches in length with a height of 5.9 inches at the back. The top of the stand is 9.3 inches in length by 10 inches in width.

mStand05 mStand06

Rain Design created the stand to raise the laptop’s screen 5.9 inches higher allowing it to meet the user’s eye level, which in turn creates a more ergonomic work position. It can accommodate all Apple laptops or other laptops with depths of less than 10.5 inches.

Looking at the top of the mStand we find a raindrop logo cutout in the aluminum along with the Rain Design mStand name imprinted below it.

mStand07 mStand08

At each corner of this top surface are rubbery grips for keeping the laptop secure on the mStand. An elevated lip with two more rubber grips ensures that the laptop does not slide forward.


mStand10 mStand11

The back of the mStand features an opening for routing wires. This circular opening has a plastic ring around it to keep the laptop’s wires safe from any possible sharp edges on the aluminum. Past reviews mentioned sharp unfinished edges on the mStand, the test unit I received was well rounded and no sharp edges were found.


At the bottom of the mStand we find four additional grips for preventing the mStand from sliding on whatever table surface it rests.



Designed for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, suitable for all laptops, mStand helps you work comfortably and safely every day by raising your laptop to the same ergonomic height as the external display. mStand is made of a single solid piece of aluminum with matching MacBook Pro’s sand-blasted and silver anodized finish. mStand transforms your laptop into a stable and stylish workstation.



Installation of the mStand is rather easy; simply place the stand down on a desktop surface and then rest your laptop onto the mStand. You can route your power cord, optional wired keyboard and mouse through the back cable organizer.

There is an opening on the front lip allowing the user to easily open their MacBook laptop without having to push it up on the mStand; although opening a MacBook Air with this notch occasionally required a slight tilt to elevate the Air to open it up.


mStand15 mStand16

mStand17 mStand18

Appearance wise the mStand is a gorgeous laptop stands that matches perfectly with the aluminum-based MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

Rain Design appears to have put plenty of thought in creating the mStand; its aluminum composition allows it to dissipate the heat commonly found on the frequently warm to hot MacBook machines. The raindrop opening on the top surface also allows for additional ventilation as well.

All the ports on my MacBook Pro 17 inch and MacBook Air 13 inch were easily accessible while resting on the mStand.


mStand20 mStand21

The flat surface below the mStand can be used to store one’s keyboard when not in use.


One drawback people may not like is that the mStand is fixed in its position. You’ll either be comfortable working on it at the height it rests or you will not. Although working on a laptop keyboard and track pad is comfortable, I would recommend getting an additional keyboard and mouse or track pad. Preferably the Bluetooth kind so you will have fewer wires cluttering your desk.

I primarily used the mStand with my 17” MacBook Pro along with the Bluetooth based Apple keyboard and track pad. Sitting on my desk next to my two 23” dual screen PC monitors, the mStand had the MacBook Pro at the same eye level as those monitors. Working with the mStand docked laptop was comfortable. When not using the keyboard, I simply kept it stored under the mStand.

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Overall the mStand is be penultimate laptop stand for the aluminum-based MacBook computers. Its design and appearance seems like Rain Design went into the Apple factories and milled the stand right then and there next to the workers building the MacBook Pro machines. This elegant laptop stand complements the industrial design of the Apple laptops to a ‘T’.

Currently priced at around $50 it is quite a bargain for such a well-built and handsome laptop stand. I know the mStand will be sitting on my desk holding my 17” MacBook Pro for a long time.





+Elegant design
+Works as a heat sink
+Includes wire management system
+Access to all ports
+Solid build

-Height not adjustable

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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