Review of NZXT Tempest 410 Mid Tower Chassis

The PC case or chassis is a misunderstood thing really. Many people are happy with that beige box sitting under their desk, but not me, and not a lot of people out there either. Luckily for us there are companies like NZXT who come up with great designs for cases for those of use that don’t like the beige box. Today for review I’ve got one of the newest cases from NZXT called the Tempest 410 and it’s aimed at the gamer or enthusiast with a sleek look and lots of airflow. The case has plenty of room for many hard drives, large video cards, big CPU coolers and space for those that might want to do a little liquid cooling as well. I like the Tempest 410 a lot, but it’s not perfect, but it’s close. Read on…

The Tempest 410 comes packaged well in a fairly brown box.

nzxtg1 nzxtg2

The case is kid of basic looking but I do like the looks of it. The front looks to be entirely mesh, or at least it’s a honeycomb style grill covering. One fan is included on the front of the case as an intake, it’s at the bottom but it can be switched to higher up.

nzxtg3 nzxtg4 nzxtg5 nzxtg6

The front of the case has three spaces for 5.25” devices, and the NZXT logo above them.

nzxtg10 nzxtg11

Off to the right is the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, audio ports and the power LED. At the very top is the power button and behind it on the top of the case is the reset button.

nzxtg12 nzxtg13

The right side of the case is just plain, but the left does have ventilation holes. The case is made of steel so it’s not exactly very light weight but it’s not overly heavy either. It does feel sturdy and well made.

nzxtg7  nzxtg9 


On the top of the case is a removable mesh covering, you can put a dual radiator here for liquid cooling.

nzxtg14 nzxtg15

In the front is a storage compartment for your stuff. It’s rather small, but you might be able to keep a phone in it and some change, not much else though.

nzxtg16 nzxtg17

Moving around to the back we find another 120mm fan, along with the usual stuff and holes for liquid cooling.


nzxtg19 nzxtg20 

On the bottom of the case you’ll see four rubber feet, they’re kind of small, and more ventilation but no fan filter.




nzxtg22 nzxtg24 

So let’s take the right side of the case off and we’ll see a nice large cutout for the CPU cooler installation along with more holes for wire management.


Taking the left side off we can see the other side!


On the bottom of the case, where the PSU sites, you’ll find four rubber stops to sit the PSU on, these help keep the vibrations down. You can also see a place where you can install another fan on the bottom of the case for added cooling. Here’s also a view of the PCI slots and the 120mm rear fan.

nzxtg27 nzxtg28

The 5.25” bays are tool-free, they use plastic clips.


Here’s the hard drive cage and you’ll notice a lot of screws going down the side and these are for securing your hard drive in place after you’ve installed them.


The connections include USB 3.0, UBS 2.0, Audio and of course the usual mobo headers, along with power for the fans.


There is a limited amount of accessories included, really just screws and zip ties.


So I installed my main system in the Tempest 410.

nzxtg34 nzxtg35

I was pleasantly surprised to see there’s a lot of room at the top of the case so you can route wires and easily get the mobo screws in place. This is of course without fans or radiator installed either though.


I found that there seems to be plenty of room for larger style video cards.

nzxtg36 nzxtg38

The next thing I did was install my hard drives, this just involved getting them in the rack.

nzxtg31 nzxtg39

Then they can be inserted into your case, you just push and they lock into place.


Remember above where I said it seems there’s plenty of room for larger video cards? Well this is what I mean, I had to move the hard drive down to make room for the power cables for the video card. If I had more hard drives I most likely wouldn’t have been able to use them at all because the connectors would have hit each other. If the case was a little longer everything would have been fine.


nzxtg43 nzxtg44 


Here’s a few more pictures of everything installed:


nzxtg46 nzxtg47

Then here’s the back of the motherboard:


Here’s the front of the case with it powered on, I must say I find the white power LED very striking and in a dark room it’s rather bright.

nzxtg49 nzxtg50

The Tempest does have those two 120mm fans installed and personally I think they’re a bit too loud, at least for my tastes, but they do work to keep things cool.

As far as space in the case, we covered that I think, there is room enough but it would nice if the Tempest 410 was a few inches longer.


nzxtg1 nzxtg6 nzxtg10 nzxtg12 

The NZXT Tempest 410 is a case that I’ve come to like for it’s looks especially, it is a nice looking case. The Tempest 410 has plenty of room inside for most any system and a large amount of hard drives. The case includes two 120mm fans with room for more of them or a radiator if you’re  into liquid cooling. This case is well made and sturdy, it’s made of steel but it’s still quite lightweight. The Tempest 410 does feature a little storage compartment on the top, to sure how useful it is though, but it’s a nice touch.

The fans that come with it are a bit loud for my personal tastes, but others might find them fine. I for one will be swapping them out for quieter ones. It would be nice if the case was longer as your hard drives might get in the way of longer style video cards.



+Great looking
+Plenty of room
+Sturdy and well designed
+Storage compartment on top

-Fans a bit too loud for my tastes
-Must frequently clean front filters
-Could be a bit longer
-Small amount of fans included

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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