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The Review


No special packaging here, just a plastic bag, but it doesn’t need any. I don’t understand the naming of this bag, I get the Gambit part I guess but don’t understand the “17’” part of it and it’s for 15 inch laptops, with the 17 in the name you’d think it would be for 17 inch laptops. I don’t know….



So here’s the Gambit 17, the front of it and you can see the Ogio log there in white and then up on the top is a metal badge as well which is the Ogio logo. The backpack has, in my opinion, a rugged and outdoor look to it and I like it. It’s made from 420 D Polyester Oxford fabric and from what I could find about it is that it’s waterproof, flame retardant and tear-resistant and supposedly anti-static as well. The primary uses for this type of material are military, bags of course and tents among other things. It’s apparently a rough and rugged material that’s commonly used in many things where the qualities it has are desirable.



Before we check out the rest of the back and all of its pockets let’s look at the back. The back has two straps of course and one of the Ogio logo in white. The back is what Ogio calls a Hybrid Unibody Backpanel which is made for comfort. The back is both hard and soft, stiff and flexible. The top and bottom sections are padded and covered with a mesh material to allow it to breathe, this sections stick out from the center which is stiff.



The straps do have a chest or sternum strap on them to hold the straps in place. The strap is a clip style and it’s adjustable as well. The straps are thick and padded and the inner surface is a mesh material to allow airflow to help keep you cool.



The left strap does have a small mesh zippered pocket for things like an MP3 player.

gambit5 gambit6


Above the straps you’ll find a small strap but there’s an even larger strap on the top which you’ll see later, so really there are two handholds on the Gambit 17.



The right and left sides of the bag have two small pockets on each side. On the right pocket is the Gambit 17 logo stitched in white and all four pockets have large, heavy duty metal zipper pulls.


 gambit8 gambit10


The left bottom pocket is where you would put your water bottle. The pocket might be small but inside you’ll find an adjustable elastic strap that comes out to hold your bottle securely in place.


gambit38 gambit39


The bottom pocket on the opposite side just has an elastic strap in it



The two top pocket are the same size, zippered closed and slightly padded, good for a cellphone or whatever really.

gambit12 gambit14


The pockets might look small but they’re large enough even for the power supply for my laptop.



Moving to the front of the bag, the smaller compartment is front and center. The flap or front side has a large elastic mesh pocket while the inner side two elastic mesh pockets, a zippered pocket and then four spaces for pens or pencils.




You can put most anything in the pockets, I put my phone in one, MP3 player in another and my small mouse in another.



Next is another larger section behind the smaller from one, this one is where your tablet can go and then there’s another zippered compartment.

gambit17 gambit20

 gambit18 gambit19



Above the two pockets is the big metal Ogio logo which is actually a pocket, or three of them I should say. There’s the larger compartment and then a mesh one as well that’s sectioned into two.

gambit21 gambit22

 gambit23 gambit36


On the top of the bag you’ll find the much larger and heftier handle



Under the handle you’ll see another Ogio logo with a zipper around it and this is the hard case compartment for your glasses or sunglasses. Inside of it is a padded cloth divider held in place with velcro. You can also see the zipper pulls, the rest of the ones on the bag are that style, a cloth and metal combination which are nice large and easy to grab.

gambit24 gambit25

gambit26 gambit35


Directly under and behind the glass case and behind the front pockets is another larger area and you can see the bottom of the glass case in here. Inside of this compartment you’ll find two larger pockets. I should note both sides, front and back, are padded for protection of the contents. If you look closely all of the indies of the Gambit have a circuitry style design pattern to them, looks good to me, I like it.

gambit28 gambit29

 gambit30 gambit31


So the last section or the main compartment where your laptop would go is basically the back of the bag. The zippers are on the top to start but they unzip about three-fourths of the way to the bottom of the bag. The laptop compartment is padded on both sides and held closed with velcro and is supposed to be able to hold a laptop up to 15 inches in size.



I say it’s supposed to fit because my 14.1 inch laptop wouldn’t fit in the compartment, not even close to fitting actually. So I’m not sure exactly what size laptop is supposed to fit in there.  It doesn’t matter much though as you can just put the laptop in the main compartment as it is is padded on the front and back.





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