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Just prior to my vacation on my doorstep appeared one of the latest products from Pad & Quill – the Luxury Travel Kit for the Apple Watch that includes the Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch. I gladly packed this review item for my weeklong trip back to nature.

The Luxury Travel Kit is like a mini suitcase for you Apple Watch as is holds the Pad & Quill Watch Stand along with the Apple Charging Cable and a spare set of Apple Watch bands. As a runner, I prefer to use the Sport Band during exercise and then the Leather Loop ones during the rest of the day.

Pad & Quill strives for quality with its use of materials in both the leather carrying pouch and the composition of the pocket watch stand.

The appearance of the Luxury Pocket Stand harkens back to the days of pocket watch. Back then stands were used to display and rest pocket watches when they were not in use. Wooden watch stands were one of the many types of stands produced.

Composed of American Cherry, Sapele or African Mahogany, the Luxury Pocket Stand can be proudly displayed on ones nightstand or desk. In addition the Luxury Pocket Stand folds up with the Apple Watch cord wrapped around it to make it fairly portable.


Pad & Quill ships the Luxury Travel Kit wrapped in plain brown paper with a wax seal; however our review sample was pre-opened so the paper was not sealed for our review photos. Opening the leather carrying case we find the Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch with the Pad & Quill welcome cards with some words from Brian and Kari the owners of Pad & Quill.

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The leather pouch measures 3.5 in x 6.5 in x 1 in and is made using full grain leather. This is not some faux leather or pleather material; from the feel to the smell you will know this is high quality leather. The inside is lined with a soft cotton interior. Beneath the flap opening is a thin pocket for storing spare Apple Watch Bands.

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The Luxury Pocket Stand measures 4.2” x 2.5” x 0.6” and is available in American Cherry, Sapele or African Mahogany. For our review we received the Sapele version.

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The Stand is a solid hinged piece of wood with an inlet for the Apple charger magnet. The stand folds in on itself making it a rectangular block of wood. Simply flipping the base out will angle into to a stand configuration. It easily blends right in with most any décor especially if you have a wooden night table or desk.

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The magnet charger inlet has two small grips for keeping the charger resting in the Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch. Below this inlay is a space for the rest of the cable to pass through.

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Specifications and Features

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The hardest part of the whole set up was pulling down the hinge of the Luxury Pocket Stand as it was pretty tight and I was afraid of breaking it accidently. However after a few pulls up and down the stiffness subsided.

Here is the Luxury Pocket Stand in action with the Apple Watch Sport using the Sport Band and then with the Leather Loop in place. The contrast between the old fashioned appearance of the stand with the contemporary Apple Watch is very attractive. I definitely find this stand more appealing than the Griffin Watch Stand that we previously reviewed. The Pad & Quill Stand allows the Apple Watch to be put on display in a way you would find at a watch shop.

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When you are ready to pack up the Luxury Pocket Stand simply pull the USB end of the cable back through the hinge area then close it lining up the inlay with the opposite opening at the base of the stand. Now wrapped the cable around the stand lengthwise and then slide it into the leather travel pouch. An additional set of Watch Bands can be placed in the front pocket of the pouch. One caveat is that longer Bands may need to be folded up them selves to fit.

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Once all packed up you are ready to take a trip with your Apple Watch, Luxury Pocket Stand, charging cable and spare Watch Bands. The only draw back to the Luxury Travel Kit is that it does not have room for the AC wall adapter in the pouch.


The Pad & Quill Luxury Travel Kit combines a leather travel pouch with the elegant Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch. By itself the Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch is a beautiful accessory but combining it with the leather pouch makes it the ideal travel companion for one’s Apple Watch.

The design of this kit is first rate and offers the user sophisticated and classy way of bringing one’s Apple Watch accessories on the road. Once again Pad & Quill continues to choose craftsmanship and quality over mass produced mediocrity. The company’s choice of materials is well thought out as this set exudes a timeless style with the choice of high-grade leather for the pouch and the use of hardwoods such as American Cherry, Sapele or African Mahogany for the watch stand.

While the Luxury Travel Kit is one of the more expensive Watch Stand kits, its appearance, material quality and craftsmanship make it a worthwhile investment. I know I will be displaying my Apple Watch on the Pad & Quill watch stand for years to come.

+Beautiful craftsmanship
+Highest quality materials used
+Easy to set up


score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review.

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