Review of PowerSkin for Apple iPhone 5

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Installation and Usage



Installation of the PowerSkin case onto the iPhone 5 involves raising the discharge connector plug into the iPhone 5 dock connector then inserting the lower half of the iPhone into the case. Then press the top half the iPhone into the upper portion of the case and gently pull the silicone over all parts of the phone. Removal of the iPhone simply involves reversing this process.

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One thing I noticed during my installation was the top portion of the case did not seem to tightly grip my iPhone 5. You can see the top of the case resting loosely on the iPhone 5. Despite this issue the case did stay on the phone.


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The case wraps around the back and the sides of the iPhone 5 with its silicone textured skin. Holding the case is comfortable as the silicone has a rubbery texture keeping it snug in the users hands. Unfortunately this rubbery texture also attracts small dust particles, finger oils and debris. The silicone-covered buttons are easily accessible along with the mute switch.

The headphone jack is recessed at the bottom and most likely you’ll need to use the included adapter with most non-iPhone 3.5 mm jack headphones.

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Aesthetically the PowerSkin case detracts from the design of the iPhone 5. In addition having the case only available and black makes the case more noticeable when used in combination with the white iPhone 5.


To power on the case simply hold the power button for 2 seconds. Checking the battery level involves pressing this button for less than one 2nd. For indicator lights will tell how much charge is left in the case battery at 25% intervals. Charging the case involves plugging me provided sync cable into the micro-USB connector and the USB portion into a computer or iPhone charger. You are able to sync your iPhone 5 while in the case using this cable.

Charging the battery to full capacity takes around 2-3 hours using the iPhone 5 AC adapter. Using the PowerSkin battery case for iPhone 5 provides enough additional charge to get through the most active day. During a recent trip to Disney World with the family I was able to get through a whole day in the park shooting pictures and using the Disney World iOS app for navigating the parks.

The included USB cable allows the iPhone 5 to sync with a PC or Mac while housed in the PowerSkin case.

The silicone shock absorbing case will keep the Apple phone safe from most shocks and bumps as long as you don’t drop the phone onto its screen. I do wish the case wrapped more around the front of the iPhone 5 as the screen is pretty much exposed in the PowerSkin battery case.



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