Review of PowerSkin for Apple iPhone 5

Heavy data consuming iPhone users quickly realize that the phone’s battery life has a lot to be desired. Constant use of the iPhone eventually leads to the dreaded less than 20% or even worse the less than 10% remaining icon popping up on the phone some time before late afternoon.

One solution is to carry an iPhone charger with you to alleviate this problem but that is not always feasible. Another is to use an external battery that is where today’s review product comes into play. The PowerSkin for Apple iPhone 5 provides backup power while providing protection for your Apple phone as it is also a case.

This product features a rechargeable built-in 1500 mAh battery, surrounded by a silicone shock absorbing case. Although 1500 mAh will not fully recharge a drained iPhone 5 it will provide 70% more additional capacity to get you through even the most data consuming days.


PowerSkin for Apple iPhone 5 Review


The PowerSkin battery case for iPhone 5 arrives in a plastic and cardboard package. The case can be partially visualized within the clear plastic box with the cardboard sleeve providing details on the charging case via a front fold out flap. Here we find a list of features, package contents and specifications along with a QR code, which provides a link for how to use the device. The back of the sleeve lists some additional features along with the “Made for iPhone” logo and an XPAL power logo.


Powerskin02 Powerskin03

Opening the package contents we find the PowerSkin for iPhone 5 charging case, a micro-chipped USB charging cable, user manual, Earphone Extender and Registration Card.


The PowerSkin for iPhone 5 case is available in black and is composed of a one-piece silicone. PowerSkin states that this is it’s thinnest design ever as it only adds 0.3 inches to the phone while providing 1500 mA h of battery life. The case measures 2.5(L) x .65(W) x 5.1(H) in and weighs 0.18 pounds. The battery is advertised to provide an additional 6.5 hours of talk time, 8 hours of Wi-Fi use, 182 hours of standby time. The silicone is designed to be tough while delivering shockproof protection.

Powerskin05 Powerskin06

Looking at the front of the case we see an iPhone 5 dock connector or as Powerskin calls it – a discharge connector, located at the base. A short wire runs from this connector towards the battery allowing the user to pull it out to connect to the iPhone 5. On each side of this connector are channels for the speaker and microphone.

On the lower part of the front we see battery specs, serial number and the XPAL power logo. An opening for the camera is found on the upper right.

Powerskin07 Powerskin08

Two silicone-covered buttons for the volume controls and an opening for the mute switch are on the left side of the case. On the same side towards the back of the case on the bottom is a micro USB connector for charging the case. The top of the case has additional silicone-covered button for protecting the power switch.


Powerskin10 Powerskin11

The back of the case tapers around where the battery is located. At the base is the power button with the PowerSkin squid icon resting just above it. Embossed on the right-hand side is the PowerSkin name.


Powerskin13 Powerskin14



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